7 Reasons Why Destination Weddings Are Better And Convenient

After having seen the adorable and gorgeous AF pictures of Deepveer and Virushka from their Italy weddings, the lust for destination weddings is totally flooding minds. Well, at one point we just think it is the game play of the richer brats and then at one point we don’t know how real people could pull it off. To break the ice, we thought to share some of our views where we say why the destination weddings are better and also convenient over the regular weddings.

  1. Intimate Functions, Closer People

destination wedding


The best part of the destination wedding is that it involves limited crowd. This means you don’t have to spend a bomb on random people. It would be an intimate wedding with intimate functions and only close people.

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  1. Full Family Holiday

The big fat Indian shaadi is all about family celebrations and happiness. And when you organize a destination wedding, it is like a cherry on the cake. You go to a new place with your whole family and it becomes one of your best vacations.

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  1. No Stress but New Vibes

When you are in a different place, you or your family members aren’t managing things or looking after the guests. Everyone is new to the place and things are handed over so everyone can just chill and relax. There is no stress about anything. You just got to enjoy the vibe of the place.

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  1. Gorgeous Pictures

Of course! The best thing about the destination weddings are the gorgeous pictures. You don’t have to look out for the places to get the perfect shot. The place is all yours and you can get clicked wherever you want. Plus the pictures are going to be fantastic.

  1. The Ladkiwaale and the Ladkewaale at the Same Place


And you guys would be celebrating all the wedding functions together. There is no such thing as a girl’s house or the boy’s house, but it is all together and it will be so much fun.

Imagine you guys applying haldi to each other too. How cool and special would that be!

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  1. Lesser and Worthy Expense

One great misconception about the destination weddings is that it is overpriced. This is not true. It is all in your hands and in your budget that what kind of a destination wedding that you would want to pull off. In fact, it is lesser expensive as there are no unwanted guests to spend the bomb on.

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  1. Mixing of the Cultures

Destination weddings are really special because they involve three different customs of cultures in one wedding. The customs of the girl’s side, boy’s side along with the custom of the place gets mixed all in one. The vibe of the place obviously also adds on to the whole function and makes it even more special.

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Featured Image: Pexels