7 Red Flags That You Need To Notice in Your New Relationship

New relationships are always beautiful just like the fairy tales. Yes, of course, you being the fairy in your personal land where your *new* prince charming comes to you, maybe not on a horse but in his car. However, things are not always nice, and your new relationship could show certain red flags.

Here are some of the situations common in a new relationship and if you are facing them too, then darling, you need to take care of this delicate relationship. Yes, it’s time to get worried and sort out.

  1. He does not want to make your relationship public

If not public, he is not even comfortable telling about your relationship to his closest friends too. He doesn’t even allow you to tell your friends about this relationship. This is a serious issue that you may face later. So, try to ask your partner by all ways that why he doesn’t want to make this relationship public.

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  1. He does not allow you to touch his phone

He screams out from nowhere. Hiding phones has always been his thing and the moment you touch his phone, he panics and even gets a lot worried when you try to inspect something. This might not be a healthy sign, and it is necessary to know the exact reason behind his weird behavior.

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  1. Your friends do not like him

In case, you have told your friends about your new relationship or you have made your relationship public from your end, well, your friends do not approve of this relationship. Your friends do not like your partner. If they have some strong reasons for their dislike, then you must consider this seriously and think again about this new relationship.

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  1. Being MIA is very normal for him

red flags in relationships


There are no calls for days, no meetings for weeks and then he pops up suddenly. When you ask him about his whereabouts, he often replies casually. If he doesn’t seem interested and concerned, it is a sign of something wrong. You must consider this as a serious red flag.

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  1. He is not over his ex yet

It is a normal case that most of the people are not able to get over their exes. But if someone has moved on and is in a new relationship and is still not over their ex, then this is wrong.

If he is are still texting her, talking to her, meeting her, stalking her, thinking about her or worse – comparing you with her, then this is the worst red flag in your new relationship.

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  1. His attitude is unpredictable

He may be behaving amazing with you but there are times when his behaviour becomes unpredictable all of the sudden. If his mood swings always turn you sad or upset, it is the time to talk with them and understand the root cause of the problem.

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  1. He shamelessly flirt with others

red flags in relationships


He does not care whether you are around or not, but all he does is shamelessly flirt with others. Healthy flirting is still not very bad, but if it goes over the board, then this is not a healthy sign. This is a sheer sign of dis-respectfulness for you and for your relationship.

Noticing any of these signs? It is the right time to have the ‘talk’!

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