7 Signs That Your Relationship Has Become Boring And What To Do About It

Every relationship starts fading with time. The spark that keeps a relationship alive starts getting dull, and that’s when your relationship starts becoming tedious and boring. You no more feel butterflies in your stomach after seeing him and his unexpected texts do not give you smiles anymore. This and much more!

Here are a few signs to decide if your relationship has become boring with probable solutions to bring that liveliness back.

  1. You no longer have exotic date plans

Those dinner and lunch dates used to be so much fun, right? Are they lost now? Well, let’s do a reality check. When was the last time that you both went on a date? When was the last time you dressed up so well and made him go on the knees for you? If you are not able to remember or it is been months, it is the right time to bring that spark back in your relationship.

Solution: All you need to do is make efforts and start getting things back together. To start with, plan some random and exotic dinner arrangements at your place for him.

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  1. You don’t have exciting talks much often

boring relationship


Phone conversations are really special, especially if you do not live in the same place or meet regularly. But after a point, do you feel that there is nothing much to talk or gossip about? Are late night endless talks a thing of past?

Solution: If you are the one noticing the differences then you are the one who can jazz up your relationship. Try to make the phone conversations fun and call him in the least expected hour when he is free. Alternatively, you can also note down things which happened throughout the day to keep the conversation going.

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  1. You don’t plan fun activities together

You are not much excited about the weekend getaway plans with each other or you are not even in the mood to celebrate every month anniversary which you previously did. Yes, the boredom has stricken your relationship in this case.

Solution: Plan something adventurous which you both enjoy and give him a surprise. Make an instant plan and do not delay it and make sure you guys have the most fun.

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  1. The long night texting is no common now

bored relationship


Did you enjoy late night texting sessions with your bae? And has this spark faded with years? You might feel bored and tired of talking for such long hours. And if this is the case, you should try to revive your relationship immediately.

Solution: Start with sending funny memes and love quotes to your bae at late hours. It is never too late to start something special. And you can always make the first move.

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  1. The fights are not that regular

Yes, small and minor fights and arguments between you and your bae are really healthy. Being possessive and insecure are some good signs that love your partner and fear to lose each other. If such things don’t happen anymore, it is likely that one or both of you are gradually losing the interest.

Solution: Don’t hide your feelings at all. Be as expressive as you were before. And trust us, it would still work.

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  1. No issues with the canceled plans

bored relationship


You might understand each other perfectly, and behave maturely. And that’s why; canceling plans is not a big deal for you. But, if you are fine every time a plan is canceled, it simply indicates that you were never interested in the plan.

Solution: Make him realize that canceling plans every time is not fair. Try to be closer to each other.

  1. No dedicated songs or lyrics

Remember when you guys started dating each other, you always dedicated some romantic songs to each other. You always imagined him and felt your love in lyrics of the song. But that is too much for you now. You are not anymore romantic as before.

Solution: Just bring back those happy years. Send him some romantic songs and say that’s for him. He would feel special and would definitely reciprocate the same.

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