7 Things You Didn’t Notice That Might Be Ruining Your Bikini Wax

We all have a love-hate relationship with bikini wax. We love them due to the fact that they really leave us neat and clean down at the bottom. We hate them because they are really painful, and no matter, you’re doing it yourself or asking a pro to do it, things can go awfuly wrong. 

  1. Wrong temperature of wax

bikini waxing


Wax is all about temperature. It should be at a right temperature in order to spread evenly in a thin layer. Further, it also should be at the right temperature when you are removing. If it is not, you probably would have to deal with dried wax on your bikini line. Yak!

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  1. Waxing without exfoliating

bikini waxing


Exfoliating might sound like a bit boring task, but it is something you should count upon especially when you are looking to have a bikini wax. It is highly recommended to exfoliate your bikini wax daily using scrubs at least a week before. Avoiding this might give you a few red bumps here and there on your bikini line. That’s the least you would want, right?

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  1. Waxing without trimming your hair

You need to make sure that your hairs are just the right length while you are waxing your bikini area. If they are too long, you will face difficulties in ripping them out properly. If they are too short, you won’t be able to pull them off properly. It is an essential requirement, and even if you are not going to wax your bikini area yourself, you should take care of this and ask your professional that you would need the trim down there.

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  1. Not taking painkillers

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This goes without saying, biking waxing is going to be a painful procedure. And if you are the one who is ultra-sensitive it is highly recommended to go for an Aspirin some 45 minutes before your waxing procedure. It would not only reduce the pain but would also prevent swelling due to the anti-inflammatory properties that it posses.

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  1. You are waxing on body cream

Waxing after wearing a body cream or any kind of body lotion is a big no! Your skin should instead be dry and clean for the wax to stick properly and rip off the hair.

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  1. Ripping off in the wrong direction

You need to be very sure about the direction in which you are trying to rip off the hair. the wrong direction would not rip off any hair, but can also result in smelling, bruising and in some cases, your skin can also be ripped off. It is highly recommended to rip the hair off in a direction opposite to their natural growth.

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  1. Waxing in the improper position

bikini waxing


No matter if you doing it all yourself or asking someone to do it, a proper position is very necessary to rip off the hair in a smooth motion. If your hairs are not coming out, chances are high that you’re not in the right position, and you might have to try some contorted positions for easy removal.

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