7 Things Every Girl Should Avoid Wasting Time On

We all often take our life granted. We all get annoyed, frustrated with the smallest things that happen in our life without realizing that all these thoughts and emotions are taking away great things from our life – our happiness and our peace of mind.

It is the right time to sit back and analyze that all the worries, issues, tensions that we have – are they all worth our attention? Here is a quick list of things that you should avoid wasting your time on, and be happy, because you deserve to be!

  1. Trying to be a jack of all trades

Don’t beat yourself up to become a great dancer when you are least interested in it, just because your mom says so, or because your bestie is a great dancer. You’re human, and you cannot be great at everything, and there’s nothing wrong about it. There are plenty of other fields you can excel in. You could be a great mom, friend, girlfriend, counselor, blogger and everything that you’re passionate about.

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  1. Comparing yourself with others

There are a lot of girls who are doing better than you, and then there are others, who aspire to do as good as you are doing. You might see a lot of Facebook and Instagram posts where girls post about their awesome workout schedules in the morning. While, there is nothing wrong to be inspired, but it is equally important to understand that you have your own lifestyle and schedule. You might not be a morning person and waking up at 5.30am simply doesn’t work for you. I’m a blogger, and I’m glued to my screen till 1.30am, and yes, early mornings are not that great for me. So, does this make me any less of a person? No, that’s the way I’m and my schedule is, and I’m perfectly okay with it!

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  1. Expecting happiness

We all expect happiness and good things happening to us especially when we see that someone we know is doing really great in his or her life. You might work hard, and just because you work hard and treat everyone right, you cannot expect others to treat your right. It is just like expecting that a lion won’t eat you as you don’t eat lions as well!

It is not necessary that good things will happen to you just because you do well to others. Everyone has his own outlook, and others don’t owe you anything. The best thing here is to smile and move on. The sooner you will start getting over and moving on, the sooner you will star getting your happiness back – try it!

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  1. Giving excuses

It happens when we are almost sure that we won’t be able to join friends at a party or won’t manage to do a certain task, we still make fake promises and then shrug our shoulders at the end moment with silly excuses. Stop doing this, be honest. If you already envisage that you won’t be able to attend an extra class with your friends – say no. If you don’t want to take an extra responsibility – board on, just say no! This would not only make your life easier but would also save your time.

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  1. Not feeling passionate about dreams

Don’t we encounter girls daily who say ‘I wish I could be like you and chase my dreams, you’re doing so great in your life and I’m just stuck at home’? Well, go for it! Do it. There is no logic wasting time. There are far better businesses and jobs girls are in, but mine is too demanding. I have to be involved with my business 20 hours a day, but this is what makes me happy. And so is there a better option than it? No.

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  1. Not doing things that make you happy

Work can really take a toll on you, but let’s admit, where there is a will there is a way. There is always something (small little things) where you can take your time out, relax and unwind. It might be a random stroll to a mall, or good music, or cooking or anything else that you really love doing. Just go for it. Let not your work overstress you!

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  1. Not loving yourself

In this mad race, we often forget to nurture ourselves with love and care that we need the most! It is high time that you start loving yourself; you’re a beautiful person and deserve the world, provided you take an initiative for it.

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