7 Things You Should Not Say Your Bae In A Fight

Oh No! Again got in a fight with bae? Don’t worry it happens with almost every couple. Heated arguments are a part and a parcel of every relationship. And of course we all have the right to argue with our bae, but let’s keep this argument healthy and straight to the point.

Do not let your anger get on your nerves. Here are few things that you should highly avoid saying your partner during a fight.

  1. It’s all a matter of bad upbringing

Never say things which you would never want to hear. This sentence, in particular, could hurt him badly and could have serious repercussions. Never drag his family members to your fight as it is extremely disrespectful.

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  1. You can go back to your ex

You can go back to your ex


A big NO NO! Never ever say this line to your bae ever. You would never want him to compare you with any other girl. So, don’t let her thoughts wander in his head, ever.

  1. You are an ASS***E, LOSER etc

Do not abuse your bae when you are in a heated argument with him. You would not realize how hurtful your words can be. You will not like if he speaks the same to you, right?

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  1. Saying yes to you was the biggest mistake I ever did

Saying yes to you was the biggest mistake I ever did


Do you really think this? No, right! Then why bring up such serious and extremely hurting things over a fight. It really breaks the heart of a person to hear such words from their loving partner. AVOID IT.

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  1. This relationship has pissed me off, like hell

‘I am sick of this relationship and I cannot deal with it every day.’ This will make your partner think that he is really irritating you and he is not able to give you that happiness that you wanted from this relationship.

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  1. That is it. I am breaking up. It’s my final call

Just because of an argument or an extremely silly fight, do not say things which will hurt you for the rest of your lives, or maybe a couple of days (if you are really lucky to have an understanding partner). Most couples tend to break up after this sentence.

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  1. You will come like a loser after me

Hurting someone’s self-respect and self-esteem is a huge stroke which you can do at somebody. Do not make the argument ugly by saying such things. Just step into his shoes and feel for a moment how these words would make you feel.

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