7 Tips to Make Your First Date Less Awkward

7 Tips to Make Your First Date Less Awkward

First dates are basically everything from A to Z. From fun, exciting, new to awkward, boring and clumsy, they are literally everything. But more than anything, first dates are more about being silent, smiling and, blabbering. Even if you know the person or it is the first blind date, things might go awkward. Here are a few tips which would help you in making your first date less awkward.

  1. Wear a very comfy yet stylish dress

First Date Less Awkward


Of course, you might want to go in front of him in a backless plunging gown, but girls, this is not the red carpet. You will not want to make yourself uncomfortable by adjusting your dress every two minutes. Thus, it only makes sense to wear something stylish yet comfortable.

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  1. Keep your phone away for god’s sake

When you are on your first date, undoubtedly, there would be times when you will have nothing to talk about. But, do not let this divert your attention and do not use your phone. This way, the vibe of the date and the chemistry will be lost.

Girls, we would highly recommend you to keep the phone away even when you have nothing to talk about and go with the flow of the moment.

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  1. Don’t fake about yourself

Be it your accent, your work life, your past love life, your diet, your preferences in life, and anything. Just be real and tell what you are and everything shall fall in the place and things will not turn out to be awkward at all.

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  1. Talk and settle yourself

The only thing that will keep you going during the first date is talking. Do not pressure yourself to always come up with intelligent or humor topics to talk on. Instead, keep it calm and easy and keep talking. Keep the talking going on and you can settle yourself this way.

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  1. Come up with topics and take the initiative

Do not always expect that your guy is responsible for taking the conversation ahead. If he runs out of the topics, make sure that you take the lead and keep the conversation going.

  1. Don’t go over board and spill the beans

We’re sure you must have already stalked him on Facebook and Instagram and know about some of his friends and the likes. But, don’t get so excited and avoid spilling the beans. It is not the best idea to let him know that you have checked him out. Keep calm in all manners.

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  1. Don’t hug or kiss him, if you are not ready

First Date Less Awkward


Even if you are ready, then make sure he is ready too. Chances are there that he may not be ready. So, without making things awkward, wait for it and do not take the chances yourself. You may ruin the entire smooth date for future with just this step.

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