7 Trending Gorgeous Mandap Styles You’ll Want To Have For Your Wedding

Everything about the weddings have changed and it has changed for the good. It is extremely pleasing that women are liberated to celebrate their weddings these days and feel all happy. Also, along with this, the style and the dynamics of the weddings have been changed as well. The wedding planners are taken seriously and the wedding décor is the hero of all the lavish and even the budgeted weddings these days. On the note of wedding décor, here we bring 7 different mandap styles that you must keep your eyes on!

  1. The Jungle Style Mandap

mandap styles


On a personal note, I am a big fan of this mandap style. It looks so perfect, romantic and free-spirited, no?

The ambiance of the wedding resembles a forest or a jungle area and the mandap is made with tree branches, leaves, flowers, stems, and roots. It is super non cliché and the vibe is so fresh and it feels you are building your nest together in the forest.

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  1. The Pastel Princess Mandap

mandap styles


Whether it is a beach side wedding or the normal wedding, this mandap is getting popular everywhere and we are all hearts for this one. The theme of the mandap remains pastel with pastel flowers, pastel lights, pastel clothes, and the pastel vibe. The drapes, the décor, the fall, and everything looks straight out of a fairy land.

Easy to go and looks fab!

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  1. In-Between-the-Pool Mandap

This is another mandap style I am sincerely in love with. The mandap setting is done in between the pool in a higher stage. The décor is fresh, light, and dewy in the morning and kind of romantic with candles, and lights in the evening.

BRB, dying!

  1. The Royal Mandap

If you love everything royal, and regal wedding is what you swear on, then this is the ultimate mandap style custom-made for you. Everything is gold and the golden effect is mixed with other shades to bring out the royalty.

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  1. High-Class Botanical Garden Mandap

This mandap has been quite popular since some time now. Let’s not stress our memories. We witnessed a somewhat similar botanical backdrop in Virushka’s wedding ceremony. So, now you know it is also celebrity-approved.

The basic idea includes a lot of flowers and leaves. It is more of a realistic and pretty style of mandap

Perfect for the ones who like playing safe yet being classy.

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  1. The Mandap with the Ethnic Touch

mandap styles


The Indian weddings are not complete without an ethnic glitz and blitz. Of course, the big fat Indian weddings want a lot of ethnic bling and this one is the perfect kind of mandap for all the Indian weddings. You know it has been popular since ages and it works the best. The add-ons keep changing and the vibe of it is just lovely.

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  1. The Chilled Out Quirky Mandap

If you like chilled-out vibe, then you can surely go for this mandap style. It has some fresh colors to add to the daytime wedding and it is so minimalistic. Being minimalistic, the focus of the hour would just be people and this one fascinates us so much.

Would you go for this one?

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Featured Image: Pexels