7 Ways to Grow Into the Best Version of Yourself

Perfection – a much talked about and much-craved concept. Everybody in this world wishes to become perfect in each and every aspect. But I believe the concept is vague. Everybody is perfect, but nobody really is. Here are some of the ways which can help you grow to be the best version of yourself and spread your charm and magic in the world.

  • Take care of yourself

be the best version of yourself


Your body and your mind are the best things you will ever own. So, take care of them. Meditate, exercise, take proper diet and stay happy. These are the only things that would keep you in perfect health.

To keep your mind fit, it is important to maintain healthy relationships as your relations have a direct influence on the status of your mind.

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  • Just put in the effort

It is important for you to take the initiative. Supposedly, you want to run a marathon but have no prior experience. You just cannot decide to give up on this aspect. Take up the first step. Lace up your shoes and hit the pavement. Even if you make half a mile, you are 2% closer to your aim. So, everything in this world is worth the effort.

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  • New is the best

It is a human tendency to get bored of things soon. Simply following a routine can make you monotonous and feel dull. Thus, make it a habit to try something new every month.

You can start with cooking in the first month and then maybe design or dancing. Either you will love it and try to become a pro, else you won’t like it and chuck it! It, either way, causes no harm, rather would help you explore your inner self.

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  • Visualize your happiness

be the best version of yourself


Leave judgment and negativity at the door – bring positivity and an open mind inside.  At the risk of sounding completely cliché, be the best version of yourself; visualize what you want, work hard, and achieve!

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  • Accept help from others

Never ever think that nobody in the world knows more than you. You can always learn so many things from the people around you. Never hesitate in asking for help. Having too much arrogance and pride will only take you down. Helping and taking help will lead to building new and valuable relationships.

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  • Not everybody will like you

Learn to stop pleasing people and start giving importance to self. Not everybody in this world will like you. People pleasers are taken advantage of, are prone to stress and depression and develop resentment over time toward people in their lives. Thus, always your life to please yourself.

  • Performance review

It is important for you to keep yourself accountable for your goal. So, review your performance regularly. Sit down and think what you have been doing well and where your weaknesses have been. Plan how to overcome the challenges and mark your progress.

Follow the above-mentioned tips, and be the best version of yourself!

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