7 Ways to Impress Your Crush and Make Him Blush

Surprising your boyfriend is still easier. Saying lovey-dovey things to your partner is easy breezy. However, complimenting and impressing your crush is a tough task. Impressing a person you have a crush on is not easy. Don’t worry, we can make it easy for you to impress your crush with these simple and easy steps.

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  1. Surprise him with chocolates, quite often

impress your crush


First make sure that your crush loves chocolates otherwise this can prove to be a flop show. Whenever you meet him, you can make an attempt to make him smile by offering him chocolates, quite often. Treat him like you don’t treat everyone. These small gestures count a lot, believe us.

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  1. Compliment him/comment on his pictures

impress your crush


Who doesn’t like compliments? Comment on his pictures and always try to be in his thoughts through this. It is a human nature that people tend to remember those who compliment them, all in a good way. Do not miss a chance and do not do this with everyone as he should feel special.

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  1. Share love/crush articles with them

Make use of the digital world quite intelligently. Find some love or crush based articles online and share with him. He will get a hint of your feelings and will be hell impressed with your way of expressing. You can also share some love games with him and play to check out if he is interested in you.

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  1. Go out on a coffee date

impress your crush


One of the best ways to impress your crush is by taking him on a coffee date. Coffee dates are really special, all thanks to the light and preppy environment. What’s more? You don’t even have to dig hole in your pocket. You can sit there for long hours just talking to each other and genuinely, a lot can happen over coffee. *wink*

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  1.  Flirt with him healthily

impress your crush


Yes, this is definitely allowed. After all everyone likes healthy flirting. Do not go over the board. Instead, be safe, make him blush and give him enough space. A bit of flirting would also signal the other person that you are interested in him.

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  1. Look your best when you are around him

One of the easiest ways to impress your crush is by looking your best whenever you are with him. He needs to notice you. Yes, love is not about looks but no one can ignore a strong and a good looking personality.  Never compromise on your looks for God’s sake.

  1. Baby steps to take your friendship to next level

impress your crush


Staying friends forever with your crush is not going to work. You have to make all the efforts to let them know you are wishing for something extra. Take small steps to bring your friendship to another level.

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