7 Ways to Make Up With Your Bae After A Fight

Did you fight with your boyfriend recently? And, are not sure how to make the first move? Well, healthy fights are natural and obvious. After all, you cannot agree with your partner at all times, and vice versa. What is important is that you make up with your bae after a fight!

Here are some cute and worthy ideas to help you sort your fight with bae.

  1. Send him a cute message

Make Up With Your Bae After A Fight


No matter if it is your fault or not, if you are feeling bad about the fight, then forget the differences and take the first step. Instead of saying harsh words and making things worse, you can send him a long and thoughtful message with some cute GIFs to melt his heart right away. So, girls, step out of your ego zone and make the first move!

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  1. Be the first to say sorry

It’s not a race anyway. Whether you were at fault or not, let a fight do not ruin your day. Say sorry and end the things.  It is the easiest way, trust me. Just a word and you are back to your happy place.

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  1. Hug him or send him a virtual hug

Make Up With Your Bae After A Fight


Hug him if you both are together. Even if you are not, you can send him loads of virtual hugs. There will be a rush of emotion and love and you will adore every bit of it.

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  1. Send voice notes/song lyrics

The best thing you can do is send a voice note by singing a song for him. He will really love it. If not, you can also send him his favorite song lyrics with a lot of emoticons and make him love you even more. Do not forget to say that you are dedicating the song to him.

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  1. Send him his favorite food

Make Up With Your Bae After A Fight


The easiest way to win any person in the whole damn world is by sending them their favorite food. You can do the same. Call his favorite restaurant or the food joint that he loves and order his favorite food for him.

When the food arrives just call and tell him that you ordered it and he will be the happiest on the earth. If you can, you must take the food yourself.

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  1. Send him your throwback pictures

Share the throwback pictures when you both were together with him. Make him remember how you miss those days and how bad you want to be happy with him like those times. He will surely love the gesture and will fall for you all over again.

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  1. Take him for a long drive

Make Up With Your Bae After A Fight


Why should he ask for long drives every time? If you know driving, make the most out of this opportunity and take him on a long drive. If not, just go at his place and tell him that you are here for taking him out on a long drive but you don’t know driving. Do this with a puppy face. *He will surely understand the signal and would take you out*

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