7 Ways To Stay In Touch With Your Long Distance Bestie

How do you manage when the person who knows you best lives thousands of miles away from you? Have you or your friend moves to a different city for study or job? How do you stay in touch with your long distance bestie?

Everyone moves to a new place meets new people, has new life goals and amidst all this, our old friends stay behind. Here is a shout to all our old and long distance friends whom we still miss. Let us stay connected a lot more than before. No false promises this time, but these really helpful ways instead!

  1. Call them over the phone

long distance bestie


What a day to be alive! *grin*

We are nearly blessed with unlimited free calls on a daily basis. Use this to your advantage and call your long distance bestie once a day. This would break the ice and would help you in staying touch with each other effortlessly.

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  1. Share your special pictures before blasting them on social media

Do you know how to stay close to your long distance buddies in the easiest way possible? Just message them regularly about anything and everything. If you are shopping, clear your doubts about choices through pictures. Eating something fantastic? Share the food pictures with her and, share all those special moments with her before uploading them to social media.

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  1. Keep a group chat going

You might be in touch with your bestie on Skype or phone, but let’s take it a notch further. Add your best friends into a WhatsApp group and share small and big moments of your life on the go.

You andyour friends can share minute details of your life like what your co-worker says or what dress should you wear to the party and so on. This way, you will never feel that you left each other’s sides.

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  1. Watch same TV shows together

This might not sound like a big deal, but could be advantageous. You might be handling your lives differently, but having a TV show in common would provide you some stuff in common which you girls can always discuss.

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  1. Get their favorite food delivered to their place

long distance bestie


Here is an amazing way to stay connected with your old school friends. How about getting their favorite food delivered at their place and make them happy with the little things? Or, ordering a cute LBD for them, or may be a self-care kit? Trust us, this works.

  1. Hang out together whenever you are in the same city

long distance bestie


No, not formally just for the sake of meeting! But for the love that resides in both of you. Plan your holidays and make plans when you both are in the same city. Enjoy a lot with each other, click loads of pictures and do all the fun that you were missing out on.

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  1. Plan a trip together

long distance bestie


Make this one of the most exciting things of your life. Pre-plan the destination, do shopping and go on a yearly trip with your best friend.

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