7 Ways To Surprise Your Man, Just Because…

Do you feel your man should need a reason to surprise you? Of course, No! Everyone (read: everyone) loves surprises so why wait for a reason, right? Same goes for your man too. He too deserves all the love in the world. Thus, why wait for any special reason to surprise him? He is your man and you must love and shower cute surprises on him to let him feel special and loved. Here are few simple ways to surprise your man out of nowhere because you love to see him smile, don’t you?

  1. Watch his favorite sports with him

He might know that you hate watching his favorite sport be it cricket, football or any other sport. But, it is IPL season already and we assume that your guy is already crazy about it. You got the hint, right?

What could be a better surprise for your man than to sitting and watching the entire match with him? Rest assured, he would feel happier. This is perhaps why this is one of the best ways to surprise your man.

Also, do not forget to cuddle and grab his attention towards you.

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  1. Don’t order food, but cook for him

surprise your man


Ordering food online is so mainstream these days. Don’t you think he can do that all by himself too? There is nothing special in it. If you want to surprise him in a cute way, cook for him. In fact, cook his favorite meal and surprise him. You can also arrange for a nice romantic background in your place and call him over for food.

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  1. Plan a boys only date for him

No, not the other way round, but with his friends! He loves his friends, right? There couldn’t be any surprise better than planning an entire evening for him with his best guy friends at a nice place. Make all the arrangements and tell them to head over there for a surprise. Not only him but his friends would be super happy with you.

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  1. Send him self-sung songs through voice notes

surprise your man


Just out of nowhere, sing a romantic song for him and send him through voice notes. Do not let your not-so-good singing skills come in between, and just give your best shot. Believe us, he would love this song for eternity. No, he will not judge your voice quality.

  1. Call him home, at night

surprise your man


*wink* Yes, for the obvious reasons! Any man in the world is going to be happy with this surprise planned for him. Make sure to add some glam to your room with scented candles, dim lights, and music, may be, to set the mood on. Lacey lingerie will make him happier even more and it would also boost your confidence.

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  1. Call him and say sorry

surprise your man


Not only when you have fought but just randomly any day! You guys must have fought so many times, haven’t you? So, just call him and say sorry for all the bad things that you have said or done to him till now. Say that he matters you the most and he will be so touched by your gesture. It may also reduce your differences and arguments.

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  1. Send him a personalized bouquet at his work place

Make sure that this is a surprise and he does not know about it in advance in any case. Arrange for sending a pretty bouquet (can be flowers or can be chocolates, whichever he likes) and add a personalized message to it. Send this to his work place and surprise him with this out of the world gesture. If he is having a tough day, he will pass through it so positively just because of you.

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