Must Read: 7 Ways to Initiate Sex If You Are a Girl

Hmm! So you are a girl and you have grown up in a community where talking about sex is taboo and initiating sex is a shameful AF act. Are you sorry for feeling ‘on’ after watching a hot porn scene? Oh, do you watch porn, being a girl? Sorry, actually, Not Sorry. It is so simple for everyone to understand that women are also humans and we also have ‘emotions’.

We can feel certain things. Maybe sometimes you are in a mood to have sex with bae but he is not so interested. What to do then? Wait till he wants to? Nah! Just be bold and initiate sex yourself.

Yes, don’t worry you are allowed to and if he loves you he won’t judge you. Let us tell you few ways to initiate sex if you are a girl.

  • Set the mood and the ambiance

Okay, so first things first! Those clichéd and overrated dim lights rose petals and exotic aroma actually work in real life. So, all that you have to do is bring those things into the limelight and create a romantic atmosphere.

Make your bed, couch or bathroom look so exotic that he notices instantly and you do not have to stress. Make sure you are so good with these things that he gets the hint about what he is going to get tonight. *wink*

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  • Stay cozy and be a flirt

initiate sex if you are a girl


Another way by which you can give him the hint is by being really close to him all the time. Do the little physical things like getting slightly cozy with him on the couch, wear something really sexy that drives him crazy, talk about your fantasies and a lot more. Try to be extremely minimal by being loud in underrated ways. Be a flirt and give him indications. He will catch them surely.

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  • Allow him and ask a massage

initiate sex if you are a girl


If you are in that mood and you do not want to say directly, just play with him. Allow him the softest massage ever and say that you are going to release his stress. Target his softer and cuddlier areas and make him feel in the heaven.

A greater pleasure would be asking for a massage from him. Such *physical* gestures are enough to drive him crazy and come to you leaving the world aside.

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  • The dirty ways to tempt

Well, getting him ready for sex is that big thing. But still, if it is done in a wild way then things get hotter quickly. Try to tempt him dirty. Either leave your sexiest pair of lingerie on the bed where you know he would notice and get ‘on’ or just wear something sheer so that he can see what’s in the store for him to get lucky tonight.

Make an excuse regarding these things and I don’t think he would be interested in anything after that, except you.

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  • Binge an erotic movie date night

Don’t invite him for such a date and instead watch such movies alone, but in his presence. Don’t show him what you are watching but just leave the laptop or your TV screen on and leave the room for some work. He will see this and get the idea himself. You don’t have to do anything apart from this then. He knows what you want and you both are right there, making love.

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  • Cuddles are the start

initiate sex if you are a girl


You don’t only need to cuddle in the bed or wait for the time till he starts cuddling. While you guys are sitting together, hug him wildly, kiss him and just keep on kissing him. All these kisses are too much filled with the warmth of your love and romance that they will pull him closer to you to the bed.

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  • The sexts are savior

initiate sex if you are a girl


Sexts are truly the savior in this case. Send him an erotic message that you want him in the house soon. Send him your sexier pictures which would make him more excited. Ask him to come early and tell that you are waiting for him in his favorite lingerie. He will be with you in the least possible time expected.

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