7 Weird Reasons Behind An Itchy Vagina

Itching of the vagina is a typical and a general problem which most of the women face. It is not always as serious as we think but we have to agree to the fact that it is damn irritating. There could be lots of reasons why you might be having itchiness down there under. But, here we are jotting down some of the weird reasons responsible for the itchy vagina. Most of the time, it is because of these reasons and no serious issues.

  1. Hormonal (locha) imbalance

Hormonal imbalance in the vaginal area


This is the topmost reason for the itching of a vagina. Hormonal imbalance or the change of hormones in the vaginal area can make it itch very badly. It may happen post-menopausal and some other time as well when hormones change in the vagina. But, it is a normal thing yet if it irritates you beyond bearing, you must consult a doctor for some relief.

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  1. Sincerely, your periods

Periods are another basic reason for the itchy vagina. It happens with most women that when the periods are about to come, your vagina itches. This is because of change or the shift in the pH balance. Extremely weird, right!

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  1. Allergic to semen

If you have had sex and feel any kind of irritation and itchiness in your vagina then that means that was because of your make out session. You might be allergic to the semen and you feel this sensation every time you come in contact with the semen. This is a rare problem but that does exist and you should get it cured by a doctor.

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  1. Itching because of shaving

Itching because of shaving


Yes, that is true. This can also be one of the reasons why your vagina itches. You might feel clean and tidy after a bikini wax session but itchiness soon starts as the hair start growing. You have to deal with it but you can keep on applying moisturizers to keep the hair smooth.

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  1. Urgent effect from your detergent

Believe it or not, but most women are allergic to the detergents which they use to wash their under garments with. So, instead of washing your undies with harsh detergents, it is highly recommended to use Dettol and mild baby products to wash them.

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  1. Condoms allergy

feeling irritation and itchiness in your vaginal area


Well as weird as it may sound, but the fact is that it is real. Nobody feels that this can be possible but if you are feeling irritation and itchiness in your vaginal area immediately after the protected sex, then chances are high that you are allergic to condoms. You can be allergic to the latex condoms but polyurethane condoms can be used as an alternative.


  1. Too tight underwear

You got to know that your vagina needs to breathe. If you wear too tight underwear and fitted pants, then you are blocking its space to breathe. The intact contact of clothes with the vagina blocks it, thus irritating you over there.

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