8 Things That Might Be Making Your Vagina Smell

Let’s face it – our vagina smells. Yes, it is the way our vagina is. While using perfumes and scented soaps would only worsen the situation, knowing about the things that are making your vagina smell can undoubtedly help a lot. There are plenty of weird things that might be making your vagina smell. Check out.

  1. Washing it too often

Your vagina is a self-cleaning organ, and thus, making use of scented perfumes and or soaps in an attempt to make it smell good is a strict NO. You just need to wash it with lukewarm water, work on maintaining its pH balance, and everything will be perfect.

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  1. Too much physical activity

vagina smell


Well, if you are using stairs over escalators or running too much on a treadmill, chances are high that your vagina will smell muskier a bit. This is because excessive sweating makes the sweat accumulate down there making things worse.

  1. Wearing jeans all day round

Your vagina might not be a great fan of skinny jeans that you love to flaunt. Excessive tight clothing including yoga pants can cause your vagina to sweat, thus gifting it with vaginal odor.

  1. Let your vagina breathe by sleeping in your undies

Just let your vagina relax and breathe and what can be the better time to do that than sleeping? Try sleeping in your undies for a few days and you will notice the difference.

  1. Pubic hair

If you are too lazy down there and have hoards of pubic hair around, it is the time to say goodbye. Pubic hair attracts lurking smell and makes your vagina smell.

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  1. Panties out of wrong fabric

Ideally, go for cotton panties that allow air to flow through, thus allowing your vagina to breath. synthetic materials trap the sweat, thus giving that peculiar vagina odor.

  1. Too much intake of spicy food

If you love to eat spicy food, you might have to compromise with your vagina odor. Spicy food results in a sudden increase in discharge, making your vagina smell.

  1. Sex/condom

vagina smell


Having sex can also cause vaginal odor. His semen can disturb the natural pH balance of your vagina, thus making it smell. Further, a changed condom can also result in that precious smell simply because your vagina might be allergic to latex.

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