8 Things You Will Regret Later, Definitely!

Regretting sucks! No matter, if you regret the things you haven’t done or the things you should not have done. We all have a few things on our list that we regret we did in past. But, let not the history repeat itself! Here are a few things you will regret later, check out!

  1. Spending all your money

things you will regret


Let’s admit; we all are guilty of spending a lot more than what was actually required in the first place. Are not we? On Sunday brunches, our birthday parties and what not? This is definitely going to make you repent a few years later when you are matured, as to how you used to waste money on silly things which could have been invested in far better places.

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  1. Getting angry at your parents

things you will regret


Yes, our parents can be irksome at the time and can totally piss our mood of. But no matter what, you are surely going to regret on how you yelled at your mom or how you fought with your father. Imagine yourself 5 years down the line when you are working with some MNC away from your home town, would you still yell at your parents? No, you would miss them all the more. Why not then make out the best out of what you already have and love your parents all the more?

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  1. Staying in a bad relationship

Relationships are strange. At times, you might be sure that you are in an unhealthy relationship and should get rid of it, but still are unable to do so. And due to that, you surely miss a lot of cool things just because your mind is stuck in that toxic relationship. If you too feel the same, gather your guts and come out of it, now!

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  1. Not telling your crush that you liked him

things you will regret


So you a huge crush on this friend of yours for 4 years now and haven’t yet managed to tell him? Well, go ahead and let him know. You never know if he also feels the same for you but has never gathered the guts to tell you. Or if not, it would never hurt. Would it? It is definitely worth it. At least you won’t regret thinking that you should have told him some 3 years down the line when you spot him with someone else!

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  1. Heeding too much attention on other people’s thinking

Imagine how you stopped singing just because you were too much worried about what people would think. How you restrict yourself from wearing western clothes just because you think others won’t take it in a positive way? It is so easy to constantly live in stress just because what others think and say, but this should be none of your business. Stop being so conscious and enjoy the life while you are still young, make the most out of it, no matter what!

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  1. Not taking self-care

Self-care is an important aspect. You will surely regret for every breakfast that you skipped for every meeting that you needed to attend early morning. This will surely cost you some 20 years down the line when your body will start aging. Make it a habit of taking care of yourself right from a young age, and this will become even easier when you get old.

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  1. Not quitting an awful job

Similar to living in a toxic relationship, doing a bad job is on of the things you will regret later on. Of course, money is important but if it comes at the cost of your health, torture, and an unhealthy environment, it is surely not worth it!

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  1. Being mean to other girls

We all are guilty of making fun of other girls’ looks, clothes and so on. Two girls can always found something to joke about other girls. You might enjoy doing this now, but at later stages of life when you will realize that the real women empowerment lies when ladies stick together, you’re surely going to regret this habit of yours!

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