8 Things You’ll Only Get If You Are A Crazy Online Shopper

No, we cannot live without shopping. Shopping is what our most weekends all about. We love to shop. We love to talk about recent stuff that we brought and what not! Undoubtedly, shopping has only got better with online sites. No? If you too are kinda who loves to browse e-commerce sites every now and then and are a crazy online shopper, this is what you will definitely relate to!

1. You would have the apps of ALL major e-commerce stores installed on your phone

2. In leisure time, when people spend their time by playing candy crush saga and whatsapping, you are busy in scrolling and browsing the new collection.

crazy online shopper

3. Every time you see a sale, you are like

crazy online shopper

4. Your WhatsApp conversations are more about, ‘dekh, yeh kaisa hai’

crazy online shopper

5. The delivery boy gives frequent visits to your home – sometimes for delivering the goods and sometimes for initiating the returns.

6. When you have a delivery of items due, every time doorbell rings, you’re like:

crazy online shopper

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7. By now, you know all the measurements by heart as you make frequent use of measuring tape to measure dimensions to order the best fit.

8. You master the art of grabbing items at best price – all thanks to the number of times you check an item’s price online…

crazy online shopper

GIF: tumblr.com

Images: Pixabay.com