8 Ways You Are Being A Bad Friend (Without You Even Knowing It)

On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate yourself as a friend, with 1 depicting the bad friend and 10 as a good friend? Well, friends do grow apart, but most of the times separation is a result of constant bitterness and anger. You might be a bad friend without you even realizing it! Before you fall on that part of scale, here are quick 8 signs that would do the trick for you.

  1. You are a bit too much flaky

bad friend

Yes, you make plans and then you bail out at the last moment. You might see no harm in doing this as you are the one who created it, but this way you are disrespecting your friend, without even knowing it! Part of friendship is commitments and compromise. Being a spoilsport just because you are ‘so busy’ or because it is ‘really difficult to make work’, you are only creating distance with your friends!

  1. You already have experienced everything

bad friend

No matter, it is the breakup of your friend or her grandmother recently fell ill and is serious, but instead of empathizing with her, you have your own experiences to tell her. Don’t superimpose your feelings, your thoughts, and your ways to deal with the situation on your friend. Instead, give her personal space and support to handle such situation.

  1. You always want to be on top

bad friend

Whether it is the college assignment, a project at your recent job, or even makeup, you always want to be the best. While there is no harm in trying to be best at everything that you do, and that a little bit of competition with your friends is healthy, but perceiving your friend’s accomplishments every time as a new goal or achievement is toxic. This is where you are being a bad friend! Control your emotions and win over your jealousy to have a nurturing relationship. They are your friends, right?

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  1. You talk about your friends behind their back

bad friend

Yes, there are differences and controversies in every relationship, and friendship is no exception. But don’t take it as an opportunity to talk about your friends behind their back. If you had a problem with her, it is better that you confront here and sort it out, rather than talking badly about her to every other person that you know.

  1. You are good in borrowing but run away when it comes to lending

bad friend


So you always are on number 1 when it comes to borrowing money, may be for buying new clothes or to pay the monthly EMI. It is okay to borrow from your friends, but be ready to lend to them too when they are in need.

  1. You are bad at keeping secrets

bad friend

It is so juicy and you are already on top of the world that your friend shared that hot secret with you, and so you did to others too! Stop! They told you because they trusted you and just talking about their secrets to another person just because you trust them is toxic and should be avoided if you don’t want to be a bad friend.

  1. You are always there to demoralize them

bad friend

They want to start a new venture and you already have thought of all negative pointers to demotivate them. Now that the venture is not yielding good results, you are already ready with your ‘told you so’ liner. Skip this!

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  1. You get mad when your friend talks to someone else

bad friends

So you consider her as your best friend, but she might have other BFFs too. Friendship is not a monogamous relationship. You are free to have your own BFFs and so is your BFF. Stop being so much over possessive for her and appreciate the beauty of friendship.

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