9 Things You’ll Get If You Take Forever To Get Ready

Are you one of those girls in your gang who takes forever to get ready? You truly stick to your skin care routine and won’t rush or skip any of your daily rituals to show up a few minutes earlier. If you are one of those, well, we understand you! Here are 15 relatable things which would make you shout oh-so-me!

  1. You just love the morning shower

girl who takes forever to get ready


And want to have your own quality time, feel every drop of water that falls onto your body, admire yourself, it is so much fun and satisfying after all!

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  1. And you can’t go without washing your hair

Even if you washed your hair two days back, no matter how late you’re getting. After all, it is better to arrive late than to drive ugly, right?

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  1. Finding a suitable dress to wear is the biggest task

girl who takes forever to get ready


While constantly reminding yourself that you have nothing to wear, and need to go shopping ASAP. The biggest setback is when your favorite dress doesn’t fit you enough, and you have to compromise with the not-so-good dress!

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  1. Then you have to take the help of your bestie

“Hey! What are you wearing? I’m so confused?”

“Wait, what? You’ve not left home yet. We’re about to reach Man, come soon.”

“Ok, bye”

  1. You are still trying to figure out your hair

girl who takes forever to get ready


What should I do of my hair now? Should I leave them open, or tie into a bun? Urghhh!

  1. A quick makeup routine doesn’t exist for you

Because, contouring is as important as mascara, and you can’t simply do without a winged eyeliner.

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  1. Next, choosing a suitable footwear that matches your purse might take eternity

You wonder, how girls get ready within 15 minutes?

  1. It is all useless if you don’t take a dozen selfies before leaving

girl who takes forever to get ready


After all, you’re looking so beautiful, and you deserve a few selfies, no?

  1. You might have to handle angry faces of your friends who were waiting for you

girl who takes forever to get ready


But, who cares? You’re a rockstar after all!

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