8 Adorable Ways To Say I LOVE YOU To Your Man

You might love to be hopelessly romantic, but still, find it difficult to confess your love for him. Why is so difficult to say those golden words? Like, of course, you can say it whenever you like for the sake of it, but setting up a perfect mood which turns him on is a tough task.

If you are also looking for adorable ways to say I LOVE YOU, keep reading this article to find out.

  1. A sudden surprise?

adorable ways to say I LOVE YOU


Ask him out for a date night and surprise him with a sequence of gifts which can include a bouquet, card, or a cake which reads that you love him.

  1. An intimate whisper in his ears

adorable ways to say I LOVE YOU


When you both are going to bed, wait for him to turn his side with back towards you and whisper in his ears that you love him. It’ll be very natural as you would get caught of him in the most relaxed and intimate state and enjoy the cozy moment.

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  1. A movie date

Invite him for a movie at your place and decorate your home with candles and pictures of both of you together. Then, open a bottle of champagne and confess your love for him.

  1. Food love

When your partner is going to work, surprise him by making lunch for him and keep a letter secretly in the tiffin that reads the magical words “I Love You!”.

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  1. A romantic reminder

When he is off to the bathroom, sneak his phone and set a reminder for the following day that says you love him. It’ll definitely make him smile no matter what he is doing and wait back for his reply J

  1. A cute goodbye

adorable ways to say I LOVE YOU


When you are about to leave from his home, poke your nose back into his room and just say”I Love You” and run away. He’ll definitely try to chase you to revert back with a kiss 😉

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  1. Dedicate a song

When you are at a restaurant with your partner, dedicate a song for him and make him feel special with the magical words, thereafter.

  1. A notorious confession

In the middle of a conversation, blame him for being a thief which will make his jaw drop. Then hit him with a clichéd cheesy line, “You are a thief because you stole my heart”.

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