Why Is It Always Better To Date Someone Who Is Opposite To You?

We all have grown up hearing two different and extremely clichéd things about relationships and they are, ‘opposites attract’ and ‘matches are made in heaven’. We are not denying these facts and today we are also not going to do any kind of debate on it.

All we have to say is that we agree with the fact that opposites attract and it is genuinely the best thing to date someone who is exactly opposite to you. There are various reasons why you should date someone who is opposite to you. Let’s check out:

  1. There is no case of boredom

better to date someone who is opposite to you


Your partner is opposite than you means that he has a different personality and you have a different personality which is not going to clash. So, you guys have different interests and different likings. You also have a different perspective towards life and different way to deal with the problems. Hence, there is no room for boredom and you always have a reason to know him better.

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  1. You discover your other side

better to date someone who is opposite to you


Dating and living with someone who is different from you makes you discover your other side too. You settle for the other person’s behavior and understand their mood swings and make yourself comfortable with that. You never knew that you could take someone’s harsh words but in this case, you become mature enough to understand his mood.

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  1. There is always a balance

It may be possible that he is super romantic and you are not. Or maybe, that you are talkative and he is the silent lover. This makes the balance and makes everything going smooth and safe always.

  1. You help them change their interests

better to date someone who is opposite to you


As you start living with the person who is opposite to you, you get to know about their interests in life. Maybe you love traveling, he doesn’t and he takes you on frequent trips and starts loving traveling too. You can be a selfie addict and he hates taking selfies, so this makes you more adjustable to his interests. And much more things like this can happen in a relationship and you can help change each other interests effortlessly.

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  1. New friends who are not your mirror images

Your partner tends to have friends circle where his friends are of his type. So, your social circle gets expanded and you get to meet people who are different from you and you enjoy your further meetups in a different environment.

Thus, dating someone who is opposite to you is fun, no?

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