9 Amazing Flirting Tips To Make Him Fall For You

Undoubtedly, boys are pretty easy to flirt with as compared to girls. They just fall little easier than girls do. But still, there are guys on earth who are totally out of your league but your immediate crush. Simple questions and thoughts like where to start and how to start a conversation might leave you speechless. Not anymore!  Here are a few flirting tips to approach him – to break the ice and make the whole conversation look easy-breezy.

  1. Let the eyes do the talking

flirting tips


Make an eye contact with him while talking (No, I can’t do talking. I…I want…I want to… let it be). Try making a small talk with him on a decent topic.

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  1. Dress confidently, answer smartly

Dress such that you not only feel confident but comfortable too. Don’t make a fool of yourself while trying to look attractive. Just be yourself and approach him with a class. Play it safe.

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  1. Keep gums and tic-tacs with you

Can’t think of a better pickup line? Well, a simple line like ‘Want to have tic-tacs?’ can prove to be an easy ice breaker. Keep gums and tic-tacs in your purse and steal the show.

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  1. Be a great listener

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Flirting is all about making the other person feel special. So girls, for the time being, lower down your ego for your crush. Ask him questions and listen to his answers carefully. It’s hard to cut through a shell but not impossible. He will come around soon.

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  1. Smile and smile a little more

As it’s known, boys are not hard to flirt with. Just smile at them, make an eye contact and they will be swooned all over. Wasn’t that easy?

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  1. Get a little touchy

A boy will notice a little touch of your hand on his arm too. They are on cloud 9 with a slight touch. They absolutely love it. Well, you know what you need to do next.

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  1. Prepare for an exit strategy

Sometimes when you start flirting with boys, you realize you aren’t that into them. So, always think of an exit strategy before taking it too far.

  1. Give clear signals

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Be clear about your intentions. Don’t play games. Make up your mind and genuinely approach him with a purpose. Don’t talk to him with your friends around it. Boys aren’t comfortable while talking with a bunch of girls around them.

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  1. Body language

Lean a bit towards him to show your keen interest in him. Talk to him about his likes, dislikes, get his opinion on certain topics. Further, be honest with him and answer genuinely.

Do a lot of talking before taking any final decision. Right communication is a key to someone’s heart and intentions. Choose the best!

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