Ask These 7 Questions To Yourself Before You Date Someone

Getting in a new relationship or dating someone new all over again is a fresh feeling. Everything seems new, unreal, and great. There are butterflies dancing in your belly. That feeling, the new talk, the fresh start, and everything seems so pretty. But wait! Are these reasons and emotions enough for you to date someone? Before, you start dating someone, make sure to ask these questions to yourself.

  1. Do I genuinely like him or only the attention he gives to me?

Ask These 7 Questions To Yourself Before You Date SomeoneHe makes me feel like a princess. Well, will he make me feel like this forever? Or is he just giving me ‘naya naya’ attention?

  1. Am I thinking of dating him because I am missing my ex and want to get over him?

Is he a rebound and nothing more than that? I don’t think I am over my ex or am I? I really need to get over this fact first and get clear.

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  1. Is he a person with whom I can connect with in a long term or I am just being wanting?

I surely don’t want to be in another epic fail relationship and go through the trauma of a break up again. God, help me!

  1. Am I only attracted to his cute face or his heart as well?

He is such a cutie. He looks like Ranbir. But wait, do I want to be in a relationship with him only because of this? What?

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  1. Do I want to date him only because he has asked me out and I am single right now?

Ask These 7 Questions To Yourself Before You Date SomeoneAm I being too available? Is this really the legit reason? OMG! I better get some extra classes done for an activity rather.

  1. Am I really me around him or do I pretend to be someone who I am not? Am I already cheating him and me too?

I hate being posh all the time. I am not classy but ditsy. But I am not acting like this in front of him. Why am I trying to be cool around him?

  1. Have we spent enough time together to actually date? Or are we just in a hell lot hurry?

Ask These 7 Questions To Yourself Before You Date SomeoneDo I know how he spends his weekends? Or even his previous job profile? What is this hurry for?

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