5 Easy Peasy Bedroom Decor Ideas That You Need To Try In 2017

No matter what, our bedroom is always with us in all our ups and downs. It has helped us in keeping secrets, doubling happiness and sharing our sadness. This is the reason perhaps why (among various others), that you need to give your bedroom a quick makeover in 2017. Falling short of bedroom decor ideas? Here is all the inspiration that you need!

  1. Make your room like heaven with fairy lights

Hang them randomly or make a pattern, their look perfect the either way.

My sweet bedroom

Obsessed with photos, here is how you can display them creatively! Simply, hang your photos on fairy lights and see the magic.

just finished a little DIY decoration for my sweet bedroom.

You can also hang them vertically behind your bed for an extra cozy effect, like:

>the lights

How about lighting the boring curtains and adding some drama to them?

رااايق ..

Cutest bedroom everrrr

Or, simply keep them in a jar, it looks pretty!

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2. Add a bit of plantlife to your room

Plants like that of Jasmine, Lavender and Aloe Vera have calming and cleansing effects, and help you sleep better. Here is a way through which you can enhance the plantlife in your bedroom:

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3. Keep it well-organized

We all are guilty of keeping our rooms messy, and cluttered. One of the best ways to organize your room is by making use of wall-shelves creatively. Here are all the bedroom decor ideas that you need:

like a typical teenager, my bedroom is my home.

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4. Throw photos here and there

Photos can create a magical effect in your room. Make use of an old window, to do something like this:

bedroom ideas


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5. What about DIY wall hangings?

Do you love craft? Well, take some colorful papers and make beautiful patterns out of them:

All it takes is a bit of inspiration and dedication, and you can give your room a makeover that it always deserved!

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