5 Reasons Why Being Single On Valentine’s Day Is Actually Fantastic

It is again the time of the year when you actually see singles being more dreaded about the fact of being alone than the couples who are being excited about it. Why man? Stop making it a stress. What are you stressed about? There won’t be anyone from whom you can be expecting roses and chocolates and stuff? Are you afraid of being lonely? Well, if it makes you feel better, there are people in relationships who are far lonely than when they were all to themselves and it is better to be lonely when alone rather than feeling lonely with another person.

Here how you can make you own valentine’s day by being single.

  1. It is not essential to go out, let home be your respite!

being single


Don’t freak out! You are okay being alone. It is okay to not have a date at all rather than always expecting your significant other to do something special for you. Do all the lovey-dovey couples being over affectionate bother you? Stay home and still! Be happy to be spared off being awkward to others.

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  1. You save money

being single


Valentine’s week is all about spending a little money and then a little more. Blessed are you that you got to spend no money and instead have it all to yourself. You can treat yourself with lavish gifts by ordering online. The excitement of receiving the parcel equals no surprise gift.

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  1. You don’t have to be awkward around the public

being single


You won’t have to endure the uncomfortable stares of people around when you wish to be a little affectionate. While hanging out with your friends would be a lot more fun, you can be totally weird, no one around you would judge you. Though people may stare at your craziness, but it won’t bother you much when with your love.

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  1. You can do whatever the hell you want

You don’t need to change your plans. You don’t need to think of ways to make it a special day for your significant other. You don’t need to plan on things that are liked by your partner. Being single means you can do whatever the hell you want without keeping in mind what the other person would like. Live your own life full size.

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  1. Be an inspiration to others living in unhealthy relationship

being singleWell, people are living in a misconception of living in an unhealthy relationship rather been single. This may be because longingness is evil. It is better to be absolutely single than to always be expecting your partner to love up to your terms.  Be in a healthy relationship with yourself this valentine rather than being with someone else. Break the chain of feeling unloved and undeserving to be loved all the time. Certainly, God has better plans for you. Believe him!

So this valentine’s day, be your own valentine and let the fear of being single blow away.

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