Your 7 Qualities That Make You a Best Friend Material

You might have a huge list of friends, but there are only a handful of friends you are actually close with. And, this is what makes them BFF. But, have you ever stopped somewhere and thought if you are just friend with someone or are a best friend? What makes one a best friend material? We understand you, and that’s why thought of sharing a few qualities that make you a best friend material.

  1. Ability to keep your friendship on top priority

best friend material


Undoubtedly, a relationship lasts longer when both the parties make an attempt to be together – no matter what! Friends may come and go, but a best friend sticks to you through all your thicks and thins and this is what makes you a best friend material.

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  1. Sharing silence is a quality in itself

Friends would stick to you through your happier times, but the best friend is one who is there for you even when time is not that exciting. Your ability to sit comfortably with your friend comforts her and contents her, and is an essential part of your friendship.

  1. Having likes or dislikes in common

best friend material


Yes, opposites attract but friendships are bound to last longer when you share similar liking or disliking for something. You both might hate Mathematics, and have a common liking towards dance and singing. This cements your bond, as you are more likely to spend time together, make memories and be available for each other when in need.

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  1. You appreciate your friend’s opinions

You understand and respect your friend’s opinions rather than cringing about it. Yes, you have debates and fights when you don’t agree with each other, but that’s the part of every relationship. You’re honest about your opinions and don’t think twice before expressing them.

  1. You’re yourself around her

You don’t censor yourself around your bestie, and that’s a great quality of a bestie. A bestie is not someone who pretends, acts and is not what she actually is.

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  1. You’re there for her no matter what

You’re reliable and your best friend can count on you anytime. Your friend can approach you anytime, share her weirdest of secrets without any worries and get honest and right advises whenever required. This is what makes you a real friend.

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  1. You share chemistry beyond words

best friend material


At the end of the day, it is all about feelings that you both have each other which cannot be explained in the words. You’re a bestie for someone because it just clicked at the right moment, you have a same sense of humor, you share common interests, you fight, you have fun, and are available for each other when in need.

Things have always fallen into their place with you, and that’s what makes you a perfect best friend material.

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