Best Ways To Get Period Stains Out From Your Clothes

Are you one of those girls who have to deal with period blood stains quite often?  Well, this is natural and there is nothing to be guilty about but we all can try to be more hygienic and not messy. Period stains are not that stubborn and can be dealt with a lot of hacks to remove them. Here are some of the easy ways to get rid of period blood stains.

  1. Use blood stain removal products

For the girls who have heavy flow with darker stains, you will need to turn your laundry game a notch higher. Products like enzymatic cleaners and oxygenated bleaches work well on blood stains.

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  1. Run salt on the stain

Spraying some salt over the stain can also come handy. All you have to do is spray salt on the stain and rub it with cold water.

  1. Keep fabrics for some time in cold water

This is the most convenient option to get rid of blood stains from your fabric. All you need to do is put the affected area under a stream of cold water, and the stain will get visibly lighter.

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  1. Try out rubbing the stain with baking soda

Here is another alternative solution to get rid of blood stains. Mix a tablespoon of baking soda with water. Make a thick paste of it and apply it on the stain. Allow it to settle on the stain for some time and then wash it. And, you’re done.

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  1. Use lemon juice on the stain

Lemon juice works as a miracle on the period stain. This is the best remedy straight out of your kitchen that can be effective on lighter shade clothes. However, you should avoid using it on darker clothes as it distort their colors.

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  1. Use crushed aspirin pills dipped in water

One effective remedy to get rid of period stains from clothes is by using aspirin tablets. Yes, aspirin can be used on the blood stains as well. Crush one or two aspirins and mix it with water and apply it on the stain.

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