7 Bra Mistakes You Need To Stop Making Right Now

Believe us, a right bra can either make or break your outfit! But we are here to help you out! We understand how difficult it is to choose the right bra for yourself especially when you have a whole lot of variety available. And in such circumstances, we all end up sticking to a certain bra to avoid the complexities. But no, your little babies deserve all your care and should be handled properly.  Helping you to choose the right bra, here is a list of 7 common bra mistakes we all end up making and should be carefully dealt instead.

  1. Trying out new brands excitingly

bra mistakes


New brands keep on popping up every time you visit a lingerie store. But I would suggest, never to stick or switch to a brand just because it is the new ‘in’ trend, or because the shopkeeper is insisting you ‘accha hai, le jaiye’. The new brand might not have a bra that fits you perfectly. Look for a brand that has the perfect cup size and fabric and stick to it.

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2.      Not keeping a tap on your size

bra mistakes


This is the biggest fashion blunder majority of girls are guilty of making. It not only makes your outfit look bad but wearing the wrong-sized bra can also influence your intimate health. Wearing a bra that has a smaller cup than you need might call for a trouble. Your darlings definitely need to breathe properly which is made tough by a tight bra. Also if you select a bra that is a size or two larger than what you need, you will not be able to support your breasts properly. And, it might lead to disfiguration, sagginess, and the likes. The solution here – find the best fit out as per your recent size.

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3.      Not giving the bra fabric enough importance

Well, this is one of the most common bra mistakes. Satins, laces, and synthetics can be glamorous for special occasions (*wink*), but are definitely a no-no for an entire day in school, college or office. Always go for fabrics which are easy on your skin and also allows it to breathe for a regular day at work when you have to stay in the bra for extended hours. Cotton is perfect for this purpose. Well, I know cotton bras have proved to be monotonous and boring but you can always try our different colors and prints. Select the one that attracts your eyes but also keep in mind that they are gentle on your skin.

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  1. Not knowing the shape

Determining the shape of your breasts is an important aspect of lingerie shopping. Today, you can easily find the triangle, round and cone shaped bras in the market. But do not pick a bra just because it is appealing to your eyes, instead try several shaped bras in the trial room and buy the one that totally fits your breasts. Cross-check that no empty spaces are left in the cup. You might also like to go for underwire bras as they provide good support to the breasts. But you have to make sure that the underwire covers also support your busts completely and that the ends of the underwire are not irritating and poking you.

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  1. Choosing a bra based on the tightest hooks

bra mistakes


This is where you are going wrong and this might be one of the reasons why your bra doesn’t last longer. A bra stretches to about 3 inches during its lifetime, and it is for that time that you should use tightest hooks. When you are buying a bra, make sure that it fits you snugly on the last set of hooks.

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  1. Wrong bra with the wrong outfit

While choosing a bra, you should look for the one that goes well with your outfit. Wearing a white bra under a white t-shirt is a big no; go for a nude bra instead. You need to select half-cup bra so that they do not show your breasts when you bend a little if you are opting for a dress which has a plunging neckline. If your dress has a deep back, either select a backless bra or the one with a transparent back.

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  1. Wearing the same bra two days in a row

This is another biggest bra mistake most girls tend to make. change your bra every day, it would not only keep your boobs healthy but would also boost the durability of your bra as this will help the elastic regain its strength.

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