7 Cute Little Things To Bring The Spark Back Into Your Relationship

Relationships are intentional! The moment you stop doing hard work on them, they’ll start scattering. Perhaps every relationship goes through a rough time and this is when you both need to be cautious and act wisely. If your relationship too has lost the charm that it used to have, we’ve got a few tricks that might work.

  1. Bring the affection back into your life



Affection is not just about hugging, kissing and holding hands in public. Rather it is a more intimate feeling. Simple small things like playing with his hair after he gets a haircut or a quick massage after he comes from workout go a long way. These things might sound so simple but have an everlasting impact on our bodies and make our relationships more intimate.

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  1. Behave like newly made girlfriend and boyfriend



Remember your days when you recently committed to each other? How glorious the whole scene was. You people always attempted to meet each other every single day. While that might not be possible now but you can still steal that charm, no? Give each other random calls, drop cute texts, click random photos of each other, surprise each other and you’ll find the spark returning back into your relationship.

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  1. Bring him food



Food always works, no? Whenever he is in a bad mood, just serve him a pizza or whatever he craves for. It might not serve him emotionally but serves biologically as a fuel. It even might be more romantic than flowers. That’s how healthy and happy relationships come into being, no?

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  1. Cheer him up, no matter what!



Control your emotions and even if it is the worst dish that you have ever tasted in your life, always appreciate it! Share it on social media, and make him believe that you are so proud to have him. Burst out into laughter even if your partner tells a bad joke. Believe in his dreams and support him without any second thoughts.

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  1. Walk a mile extra with him, just because he wants

Do things which you hate just for the happiness of your partner. Your man might love parties while you might love to stay at home. Once in a while, prefer his choices over yours. this would also make him think that you walked an extra mile just for him and so how much important he is to you! And this is all that you need to make your relationship evolve.

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  1. Pretend that you are in need of help

Acting fool in front of people you love can simply boost up the intimacy. Ask him to put that jar on the top shelf just because you are unable to. And see how the conversation flows.

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  1. Going to bed angry



Well, yes, quite opposite to what is often advised – go to bed angry. This is not to give a cold shoulder to each other and behaving as if nothing happened the last night, but this is to avoid into getting any more fights while you both are tired. Say to him politely that you know this is important, but let’s discuss this tomorrow when you both can think and see things clearly. It helps!

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