6 Reasons You Can’t Fall Asleep (And How To Overcome Them)

Okay, so can’t sleep at night and can’t wake up in morning sounds like an everyday story to you? Do you often categorize yourself as insomniac? Congratulations, you have pretty much messed up your sleeping schedule. The whole day you were waiting to be at home and sleep, and now that you are finally in bed and all comfortable, you still can’t fall asleep. Why is life so cruel, right? We tell you why.

  1. You go to bed at 9pm one day, and at 12 midnight the next day

can't fall asleep


You need to be regular at your bedtime. Avoid varying your bedtime for more than an hour from one night to another. Keep it balanced and stick to your schedule. This would enhance your body’s ability to fall asleep on time and would further sync your system clock, making you feel refreshed the next day.

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  1. Don’t go to bed angry

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So you had a fight with someone just before going to sleep? Chances are high that you will find trouble in sleeping. Your mood affects your ability to sleep, and if this happens regularly, you are sure to experience sleeping problems.

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  1. You just took a shower before going to bed

Having shower just before going to bed might be one of the reasons as to why you can’t fall asleep. This raises your body temperature and impacts the production of melatonin. If you like having a bath at night, try going for a hot shower rather than a cold one, or even better, if you do it at evening.

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  1. You are working even 1 minute before going to sleep

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Sleeping is a process and needs your body and mind to be at rest. If you are working just before you go to sleep, it will keep your body and mind busy and simulated. Unwind yourself before you go to bed. Read a book and indulge yourself into it.

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  1. Keep the decisions taking tasks for morning

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It is highly recommended to keep you at rest and leisure at night. But, if at all, you need to work, schedule your tasks such that core decisions demanding tasks are kept for the morning, and light work is kept at night. This is because whatever we do at night would keep on revolving in our minds. Taking crucial decisions at night will interfere with your sleeping ability, and thus you can’t fall asleep.

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  1. Avoid too many naps

can't fall asleep


So you had a nap in the morning while going to college/office? Then while coming back, you again caught one. This is where you’re wrong. Taking too many naps can actually interfere with your body clock. For normal individuals, a small nap of 20 minutes work fine, but if you are sleep deprived and or tired, maximum 90 minutes of  nap is fine. Anything above that, you’re sure to face problems in sleeping at night.

Same applies for your weekends too, when you sleep till late in Saturday morning and find difficulty in sleeping at nights, and then wake up late on Sunday morning and the viscous cycle continues.

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