#WednesdayGuide: Choosing The Best Eyewear Shape For Your Face Type

Eyeglasses are no more limited to just to boost eyesight but have slowly evolved themselves as a perfect fashion accessory. With a range of eyewear shapes, patterns, and colors in the market, it is no longer a 2-minute task to select a perfect eyeglass for you. This is when we decided to cut the clutter and make the task somewhat easy for you.

  • Focus on your best feature

Have blue eyes? A blue eyeglass frame would look perfect!

  • Color

Don’t randomly go for a color just because your friend has that color eyeglass frame and that it looks cool on her! It might not work for you. Instead, look for colors that are sure to accentuate your best features.

  • Proportion

Your eyewear should be in proportion to your face.

  • Contrast

Ideally, your eyewear should be complementary to the shape of your face. If you have angular features, curved shape glasses would look best, and if you have round features, angular glasses would stand out more. But then it is your call as to how much of a statement you are looking to make.

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  • Face shape

It was all easy to assess till now, but face shape makes it a bit complicated,

Let’s focus on each face shape one by one.


eyewear shape


If you flaunt an oval face shape, consider yourself as blessed as you can basically flaunt any eyewear shape wonderfully! The balanced proportions of your face would make any eyewear look graceful. Almost all frames look perfect on your face; choose the ones that are as wide as the broadest part of your face. Top heavy frames look great on oval faces.


eyewear shape


If your forehead is broader and you have wider cheekbones when compared to your chin, you have a heart face shape. The trick here is to not to draw attention to the widest part of your face, thus stay away from the semi-rimmed glass. In order to divert attention from the top of your face, try rimless frame styles. Stay away from any eyewear shape that catches the attention to your forehead. Embellished tops and decorative temples are a big no.

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If you have a longer face and a straight cheek line, you have an oblong face shape. Look for eyewear that has more depth as compared to the width.  Circular frames which occupy more space on your face would serve the purpose as this will balance your face shape. Look for glasses with decorative details and thicker arms.


eyewear shape


A round face is easy to categorize. It is fairly short with round chin and wide forehead and full cheeks. Try to look for eyewear shape that makes your face look longer and slimmer. Rectangular frames with decorated temples would accentuate your face features perfectly. Stay away from round shapes or oversized frames that will make your face look all the more round.


 Is your face wider at the bottom than at the top? Dramatic cat eye or half-rim style would balance out your jaw line, further balancing your features.

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eyewear shape


A square face shape is categorized with a deep and broad forehead, square chin and wide jaw line, most probably, in the same proportion. Look for oval frames with a narrow width to make your face look longer. Round frames would also work for you. Avoid angular and square eyewear shape or color accents on the bottom or bottom highlights that would draw emphasis on your chin.

Eyeglass Frame Colors

So now the shape is all sorted but you are still stuck at the color as to which one should you go for? The best way is to determine your undertones by holding your wrist with the bottom side up in ample sunlight. Check out the color of your veins. You are cool toned if your veins are in the shades of blue or purple, and warm toned if they are yellow or peach.

If you have warm undertones, eyewear frame colors that would look good on you include copper, peach, fire-engine red, orange and warm blue.

If you have cool undertones, you might choose to go for the shades of blue, jade, pink, black, silver, magenta and plum to look at your best.

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Get your hands on…

Aqua colors like moss green, turquoise, and ocean blues are the new in. Floral patterns and animal patterns look trendy. You might even choose to go vintage and experiment with checks and polka dots!

Top Image: Pexels.com