Acing The Lip Color Game For The Flawless *YOU*

You like to be bold, so why your lip color say something different? It shouldn’t, but at times, bright shades just can be a bit nerve-racking. If you’re new to flaunting bold lips, just keep your makeup minimal and go easy with the blush so that the focus is on your lips – and you can rock the look effortlessly.

While there are girls who are just blessed to rock any color (damn you!), while others like me need to learn what goes well with our skin tone, lip type, and the likes! So let’s unpack a few basic tips and tricks.

Lip shape

lip color

Yes, even before you get set to choose the right lip color, it is important that you pay heed on your lip shape. Darker lip colors would make your lips appear smaller while lighter colors would make them appear bigger. Which side of the coin are you on? Do you want to minimize the lip shape or accentuate it?

Once you have sorted this out, determine your undertones.

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Determine your undertone

We all have undertones of either pink or yellow based on if we are cooler or warmer. To determine your undertone, hold your wrist in ample sunlight with the bottom side up and check the color of your veins. If they are in the shades of purple or blue, you are cool toned and if your veins flaunt the shades of yellow or peach, you are warm tones.

For cool toned girls, rosy pinks, reddish pink, blue-toned purples, magenta, red with blue tongue and reds with pink undertone would look perfect on you.

If you are warm toned, colors like tangerine, coral, peach, orange-red, warm beige would look flattering on you.

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Identify your skin color

Next, choose lip color as per your skin’s color. Do you flaunt a fair, olive/medium or a dark skin tone?

  • Fair skin

Fair skin looks flattering with red, magenta, red with pink undertones, blue toned pinks. Try avoiding warmer and orange tones colors.

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  • Medium and olive skin tones

You would perhaps look good with almost any skin color. From fuchsia to red – almost all colors suit the medium tones nicely. PeepyPeeps recommend you to go for cherry reds and orange reds. Coral looks pretty too but is a bit trickier. If you are the one with a cool undertone, flaunt your pout with rosy pinks and cherry colors. You can even go for brick red and classic nudes.

  • Dark skin

Dark shades pop out beautifully on the darker skin. Try shades of tangerine, orange, burgundy, dark beige, and red-brown.

And you’re done!

Do shout out your favorite lip shades in comments.

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