How Should You Be Cleaning Your Vagina? This and Much More!

No matter how busy your days are, your vaginal hygiene should not be skipped at any costs. But there is so much chaos out there. Should I clean vagina with soap, or just water is enough? Does vagina have an odor? And so on. There are various such questions we all wonder to get answers to. Discover answers to all these questions and many more confusions here.

You don’t need to clean your vagina with soap

Yes, you read that right. The vagina doesn’t need soap at all. It is a self-cleaning organ and it is acidic. By using soaps, we kill bacteria that are supposed to be there originally and thus disturb the ecosystem of the vagina, interfering with its acidic properties.

When the normal balance of the vagina is disturbed, it is bound to get dry and smell awkward. Further, this also boosts the growth of yeasts and other bacteria.

Thus, never ever use soap to clean your vagina.

How should the vagina be then cleaned?

Just use hot water to clean your vagina. It is highly recommended to wash vagina the first thing you enter in the washroom. Clean it with some simple water and your hands. Clean it thoroughly – in the crevices and folds.

Don’t use perfumes and powders to make your vagina smell good, for God’s sake?

The vagina was never designed to smell heavenly. It has its own peculiar odor, and that’s completely fine. So by no way, you should try to interfere with the natural odor of your organ through the use of powders and perfumes. This would only increase the risk of ovarian cancer.

If your vagina has a strong and offensive odor, it is itchy and or irritated, it is the right time to visit your gynecologist, rather than taking things in your hand with soap and perfume. If you know what we mean?

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What you eat is going to affect the odor of your vagina!

Weld, this might sound to be strange, but yes this is true! The vagina has small pores through which oils come out. Consume pineapple and sunflower oil, and see your vagina would smell pleasant.

Thus, eat good to smell good down there at the bottom!

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