Clothing Essentials Every College Girl Needs To Have

College life is fun! What is even more exciting is how you will get dressed up, after all, you are going to meet new people (and new boys, obviously!), and your dress sense does matter a lot. No matter, how all we lived till our high school with a few pairs of clothes, we all dream of living big in college. No? So let’s get started. Here is quick guide to  clothing essentials for college girls – check out!

  1. At least a pair of good fitting jeans

1 clothing essential for every college girl

Jeans might come to your rescue almost every day. For those days when you wake up late, or when you plan a sudden shopping trip – jeans are always the ultimate savior.

Dark-washed skinnies look good and can complement almost any top that you use. Don’t forget to include at least one pair of high-waisted jeans to couple it up with a crop top for the weekend parties.

  1. Basic Tops

Invest in some good quality neutral color tops like white, gray and black. Look for various patterns like V-neck, T-shirt, tank top, crop top, and long sleeves in each of these colors. These neutral color tops offer you so many style options that you can manage to look like a bomb within a few seconds – of course with the right accessories!

  1. Denim shorts

2 clothing essentials for college girl

Denim shorts are perfect for that sudden weekend plan or to roam around and are one of the must-haves clothing essentials for college girls. They are perfect for warm weather. Just style your shorts with a simple top, chunky necklace, flat gladiators, sunglasses and a sling bag – you are ready to rock the look.

  1. Crop tops

Many of us would simply underestimate the power of crop tops, and then would simply repent when they see everyone else flaunting in college. For all those who are a little bit conservative to flaunt a crop top with showing off stomach, try high-waisted jeans or skirt.

  1. Flanner shirt

Clothing essentials for college girls are incomplete without a proper flanner shirt. Add an extra layer with your flannel shirt. Pairing it with a pair of boots and a vest would and you’re ready to rock.

  1. Sling bag and a backpack

3 clothing essentials for college girl

Having a sling bag and a backpack are among the must-haves for a college going girl. A stylish leather backpack with golden studs would complement almost every dress. Carry a few books into it to your class or just drag a water bottle and a few snacks into it when on a picnic.  Sling bag would give you a trendier look. From holding your id to keys, cash, and phone – sling bag makes sure that you look stylish anyway!

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  1. Professional outfit

4 clothing essentials for college girl

Yes, you need professional outfit when you start applying for jobs and internships. Even as a freshman, you would need professional outfits for presentations and conferences. Make sure you have a pretty professional shirt, a pair of trousers and complementary shoes to go along.

Go, rock your college life, girl!

5 clothing essentials for college girl


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