Coated with Excess Sugar Mother and Daughter Photoshoot Ideas

Since we are already at home and stuck with this stupid but life-saving lockdown, how about indulging in some creative photoshoot sessions with your mom?

Pamper your mom by dressing her up and clicking Insta-worthy pictures with her to make her feel Insta loved. Here are some of the creative mommy-daughter photoshoot ideas.

Casually Clicking At The Barn


Well, the best photoshoot places these days are gardens of your house, terrace, balcony, backyard, and the barn. For this, just dress up the same or similar, basically twin. And pose for a cool click, preferably candid.

Travel Pictures at Home


We don’t want to get started on how much we are craving beach and mountain vacations. Well, you could be a little smart and just pose with your mom in your vacation clothes and then edit the background of the picture with some travel postcards. Yes, a bit fake, but who is giving exams of honesty here, right?

Call That Pet In The Frame


Okay, sorry, but this is our favorite photoshoot idea. This could be the simplest with no taam jhaam. All you got to do is bring your pet in the frame and enjoy your time. A second option could be to create a picnic setting with a mat, picnic basket, and picnic clothes, and then include your pet. You can call this ‘quarantine picnic’ photoshoot. Who knows it might become the next trend!

The Gossip At The Coffee Table


Moms are always the best friend to every daughter and also the best conversation (read: gossip) partners. Yeah, it’s all about the women’s fun out there. This is such an epic pose where you just have to be minimal, sit at your coffee table, and gossip something extravagant in your mom’s ears so that her reaction and expression is kinda real. Not tough, han!

The Three Generations

You can never go wrong with this one, ever. If you are a mom yourself and you want to celebrate mom’s day for your mom while being a mom, this is a classic photoshoot idea for you. Simple, elegant, fuss-free, and the most classic.

The Beauty Rollers


Do you and your mom vibe on something say, getting dressed up! You guys deserve a photo for a lifetime for that. It could be a photo where you guys could be getting ready in front of your closet or doing makeup in front of your vanity. It could be whatever you vibe on the most.

Your Turn!

Didn’t we show you some of the best photoshoot ideas with your mom, right here? Yeah, we know, we did. But all of these would be meaningful if you actually go ahead and try these out.

Get, set, go, and don’t forget to tag us in your pictures! J