10 Super Cute Ways Of Wishing “Happy Birthday” To Your Man

Is his birthday round the corner? And you want to make his birthday super special like every year? Undoubtedly, you might already have planned birthday lunch and the exotic dinner on his previous birthdays, and are looking for some cute ways to rock his birthday this year. Well, we did the task for you! Here are a few ways which will make him feel *special*. Check out.

  1. Train of notes

wishing happy birthday to your man


This is one of the cutest ways of wishing birthday to your bae. You just have to make various small notes and write a cute message for him on the notes which you think could make him smile. At the end of every note, wish him a great birthday, and hide each note in various easy to find places like in his wallet, in his laptop bag, in his wardrobe and the likes.

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  1. A cute handmade card


Instead of wishing him simply, just present him a hand-made card and tell him to read it on spot. Give him the card at the exact time so that he reads the entire card and reaches to the ‘Happy Birthday’ sentence at exact 12 o’clock. We’re sure, he would definitely love this gesture of yours.

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  1. Love letters

cute ways to wish him happy birthday


Love letters are classy, and definitely, give you a break from regular Whatsapp and skype conversations. Start a new tradition of handing over a fresh love letter to him daily throughout his birthday week. Make sure you keep it *lovey-dovey* such that he gets curious to read the next letters and wait for them excitingly.

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  1. Gifts and hampers

Who doesn’t like gifts and surprises on their birthday? Well, even boys love the gifts and the surprises. So, instead of going for the regular gifts like clothes and the likes, try something offbeat this time. How about giving him an exotic hamper consisting of a wine bottle, his favorite fragrance, his favorite novel or a copy of his favorite TV series or some gadgets like earphones, iPod, and such things?

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  1. Notes from his close people

cute ways to wish him happy birthday


Getting birthday wishes on phone calls is an every year’s story. Give it a twist this time, and collect fresh birthday notes from his near and dear ones. Once the clock strikes 12, wish him a very happy birthday, and share all the notes with him that you collected. He is definitely going to love the idea and appreciate your hard work behind this kind yet cute gesture.

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  1. A cute video clip

Are you not with on his birthday this year? Well, nothing can beat the happiness of giving him a surprise visit. And, if that’s not possible, you can shoot a cute video clip of you wishing him a happy birthday. You can also include some songs or pictures along with your video clip in the video.

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  1. Play his favorite songs all day long

As soon as the clock strikes 12 and you enter the room with surprises, make sure that a beautiful song plays aloud in the room. This would be totally a surprise moment for him. And keep it continued the other day as well but in longer intervals. This cute way of wishing birthday to him is really going to make him love you even more.

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  1. Make a fantasy filled jar

cute ways to wish him happy birthday


Take a cute jar and fill it with notes which have his favorite fantasies written on them. Pen down the fantasy, and along with it, write a small and a cute challenge for him. Say him to pull out some of the notes and when he completes the specified challenge, make his fantasy come alive.

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  1. Make your parents wish him

Do your parents know him? Then, make sure they wish him on his birthday. This could be the most unexpected yet a very special gesture for him on his birthday. He would never forget this day and you will see him smiling all day long.

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  1. Hide his picture everywhere

We’re totally in *love* with this! Collect a few of his happy pictures with you, and add a cute note to each of them. Hide them in various places which you know, he will reach for sure. Every time he picks up a note, remind him of the story behind each picture, and we’re sure, you both are going to have a great time together.

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