10 Warning Signs You Are Dating The Wrong Person

Along time at some point, dating doubts are obvious. You start having second thoughts about the person. This might not be in terms of his love but because of other reasons. And this is quite obvious, especially when you both or one of you are serious about the relationship. It is always better to get your doubts cleared and move ahead in your relationship wholeheartedly. Here are some of the signs which will help realize if you are dating the wrong person. Check out.

  1. When you can’t be yourself around them

dating the wrong person


Your friends have witnessed a change in you – you aren’t that crazy and funny anymore! You remain submissive all the time. You no longer act like you used to before him. You have completely changed yourself according to his terms due to some issues happened in the past. If you can’t be you with your partner, walk away.

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  1. You are unhappy most of the times

dating the wrong person


You are unhappy than you are happy. The relationship brings about a lot of happiness in the life. There is a constant giddy feeling when you are a right relationship even with the arguments. If you are in a relationship which makes you unhappy, then he isn’t the one for you.

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  1. They exhaust you

Instead of feeling happy and energized after meeting him, you are more emotionally drained. He doesn’t seem to cheer you up when needed but instead, he has a negative approach towards life and makes you feel low.

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  1. The friend factor

If you don’t want your partner to introduce to your friends, then ask yourself why? That would be the answer alone to why it isn’t working. If your partner doesn’t want you to be introduced to his friends, that’s not a good sign too.

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  1. You don’t think about future at all

dating the wrong person


After a good amount of time together, it is normal to envision your future together. If you don’t ever have a discussion with him about the same or where you will be as a couple down a line, you need to better reconsider why you are together.

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  1. You are total opposites

Compatibility is very important for a healthy relationship. Even if your choices differ, just taking an extra effort to make your partner happy and do something that you don’t like is a sign that you are dating the wrong person.

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  1. You are not happy to hear from him

dating the wrong person


If your heart doesn’t go a little giddy when you receive a message or a voicemail from them, you actually avoid their messages or you aren’t excited to meet them or if they do the same with you, reconsider it and talk to your partner about it. Dating should be heartwarming and not heartbreaking at any point in time. Surely there are differences in every relationship, but try to differ them from healthy and unhealthy ones.

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  1. Listen to your intuition

Don’t ignore your inner voice and intuition trying to convey you something. Listen to your subconscious mind and instincts; they somehow know what is right for us.

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  1. He isn’t your best friend

dating the wrong person


Before anything, it is important that he is your best friend above all. Before lovers, it is vital to be best friends with your partner. You should not have to act differently in front of him as compared to your friends.

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  1. List out pros and cons of your relationship

The cons should not outweigh the pros of being in a relationship with him. Sit down and list down both the sides. At the end, you will find either of the sides outweighs the other. If you find that the reasons for breaking up are more compelling than staying with him, well, then, you are dating the wrong person.

No relationship is all sunshine and no storms. But there is a fine line between the reason of your fights and reasons you love each other. Better find out if he’s worth the stress and all of your love and decide what’s better for you accordingly.

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