Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh Are Married Now!

While we are typing this, we are not able to contain our excitement and we are having goosebumps all over. The most adored couple, DeepVeer, is now married!

So, for everyone who was waiting for the DeepVeer wedding, let us give you some inner details of the wedding. No, it’s not the spoiler but some cute inner details which you might wanna know. If you already know it, add some more details in the comments. There is no enough news for this wedding for sure.


To start with the dates, the couple is married as per south Indian traditions today and will have a second ceremony as per Sindhi rituals tomorrow.


The wedding took place at the Villa Del Belbianello and was attended by 30-40 guests. The property with 75 rooms has been booked till November 17. What’s more? The average cost of a room is 400 euros (around Rs 35,000).

To add to the grandeur, the mandap was decorated with white flowers the place was sparkled beautifully by 12 florists who flown in especially from Florence.

This lavish wedding will soon be followed by a reception on November 21 and November 28 in Bengaluru and Mumbai respectively.


rsnveer deepika weddingThe invites to the wedding are equipped with QR codes which were to be scanned to enter inside. Additionally, guests were also provided with the special wrist bands which were to be presented at the Casta Diva villa to enter.

No Phone Zone

There are really strong rumours that DeepVeer wedding is going to be a ‘no phone zone’ for their wedding. What? Really? Wait. Will there be no picture leaked already?
Well, if the rumours are to be believed, this is true.

That Contract

Next thing about DeepVeer’s wedding is again unusual for sure. As per some sources of the industry and leading blogging networks, DeepVeer have signed a contract with their chefs. The contract says that the food made for their wedding will be exclusive and will not be made anywhere. Now, this is the swag.


Deepika’s fans are also celebrating the wedding in their own style and have changed their display picture with a hashtag @DPismyDP.

Featured Image: Newsx

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