5 Differences Between A Deodorant And A Perfume Every Girl Should Know About

Let’s admit, all girls fall for good perfumes and deodorants every summer. But, do you know that you might be using them interchangeably? So, what is the big deal about a perfume and a deo? They both serve the purpose of giving the refreshing and good smell. That’s correct! But, you would be surprised to know the 5 essential differences between a deodorant and perfume. Check out.

  1. Area of application

differences between a deo and a perfume


Deodorants should be applied directly on the skin whereas perfumes are meant to be applied on your outfits. This is perhaps because perfumes might contain a few chemicals and are not good for your skin; on the other hand, deodorants are designed in such a way that they are skin friendly and suit every skin type.

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  1. Difference in concentration

A deodorant comprises of 13% to 15% solution of fragrance oil and extremely mild alcohol. While the perfume contains 20% to 25% fragrance oil in the concentrated alcohol. This is one of the vital differences between a deodorant and a perfume. You can easily gauge this difference in their concentration by having a look at their ingredients.

  1. Necessity vs. luxury

Deodorants are the necessity and you must use deodorant on the daily basis. It is something which you cannot ignore and avoid. But perfumes do not come under the necessity. They are a luxurious product. Thus, it is completely okay if you avoid using perfumes and stick to only deodorants.

  1. Long-lasting effect

The perfumes have a longer lasting effect comparatively. The reason behind this is that the perfumes are applied on the clothes and hence they do not evaporate faster. Also, perfumes contain more fragrance oil when compared to the deodorants. On the other hand, since deodorants are applied directly on the skin, the scent vanishes faster due to sweat, evaporation and other natural changes.

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  1. Fragrance

differences between a deo and a perfume


This is where most of us mess up. A deo is meant to hide your body odor, while a perfume is meant to make you smell good throughout. This is the reason why the fragrance of a deo should not be overpowering, and instead should be subtle and decent. If you want the soothing fragrance to rule your personality, it is recommended that you should go for perfumes.

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