How To Do Your Eyebrows When Salons Are Closed Or You Don’t Want To Go There

While lockdown is essential during these tough times, it is also essential to look presentable at all times. But as it turns out – we are not able to pay our weekly or fortnightly visits to our favorite salons. The result – we have unruly eyebrows that need attention almost urgently.

How about doing eyebrows at home? Now, this is tricky! You would never allow any other girl to touch your brow except for that one in the salon who always does it. How would you manage to do it by yourself?

Well, it isn’t the easiest but we can try! We will share some steps with you in which you won’t mess up with your brows and still manage to do it at home.

Wash Your Face

Ideally, before doing the brows at home, we would suggest you wash your face first. This will just clean your face and would make it easier for you to do your brows. Since you are doing it by yourself, you need to make sure that your face is clean and you see everything neatly on your skin.

Powder Your Brows

The second step is to powder your brows. You must have noticed that your parlor wali didi always powders your brows because that makes plucking easy and painless. So, do that yourself and then brush off the excess powder from your brows.

Comb Your Brows In The Best Shape

You know the best shape of your brows. You have been explaining it clearly to your parlor wali didi. So, now take some time out and comb your brows in the best shape of it. Take some time for this process. Comb your brows in the straight direction and then towards the downward direction. This will align your eyebrows in their original shape.

Pluck The Extras From The Middle


Once you have combed your eyebrows, you know the correct shape of it and the extras will show clearly now. Now, is the time to pluck out all the extras using tweezers. Let us begin with the middle area and start plucking the unibrow. This is the easiest, so go on plucking till you clean the area.

Pluck The Extra Hair Coming Out From The Arches And Center

Once done with the unibrow plucking, it is time to pluck out the extras from the arches and the middle area. This is going to be tough because this area pains a lot and is extremely sensitive. So, plucking one hair after the other is going to be painful. Do it at your ease. Take breaks. But make sure to pluck all the hair that is aligned out from the main brow area.

Stretch The Mountain Area And Pluck The Extras From There To Make A Mountain Shape

After you have plucked the extra hair from both your brows, now stretch your eyebrows one by one from their mountain area from the top right from your forehead. This way, you will be able to see the extras lurking from the mountain area. You have to pluck those to give the perfect arched shape to your brows. This step is crucial, so keep it slow and smart.

Comb It Again And Check Its Shape


Now that you are done completely, comb your brows again. This will show you if your brows are completely done or not. Comb it perfectly.

Use Some Aloe Vera Gel To Soothe The Area

Once you are done, apply some aloe vera gel to moisturize the area and that’s all – you are done.