Essential Oil Hacks That Are Sure To Leave You *Stunned*

Essential oils have always been popular for their therapeutic and curative properties. It is only in the last few years that they have gone immensely popular in skin care community and are being loved by skin care experts for all the right reasons! From treating your scalp to helping you fight a cough and cold, they have got some great benefits that are sure to blow your mind!

  1. Treat the sun-baked skin


Had some fun vacations in Goa, and now even aloe vera is not doing any good to treat your sunburn? Try adding a dose of essential oil (you can get them easily on online stores. Make sure that they are in their raw form and are not scented!). Mix the aloe vera gel with a few drops of lavender essential oil. Keep the mixture in the fridge and apply twice a day – see the difference for yourself!

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  1. Skin toner on the go!

Why stick to chemical based costly toners when essential oils can just bless you with clean and clear skin? All you need are a few essential oils. Mix three drops of orange essential oil with three drops of rose geranium essential oil. If you have dry skin, add an ounce of aloe vera gel to it. And you’re done!

  1. Spa at home


If you have often restricted yourself to splurge at spas, this hack is for you! Turn the hot water on and pour a few drops (three to four) on the shower floor and enjoy the session! You might like to use peppermint essential oil in the summer and eucalyptus essential oil in the winter.

  1. Scalp revitalizer

Are you fed up of the itchy, flaky and dry scalp? Not anymore! Mix two drops of peppermint essential oil with two drops of lemon essential oils and two drops of lavender essential oil, in an ounce of base oil. Base oil can be coconut oil, olive oil or almond oil. Heat the mixture a bit, and apply it onto your head for around 15 minutes or let it sit there for an overnight. Shampoo and condition the next day, and get ready to have a healthy scalp!

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  1. De-stressing treatment

essential oils

After a long hectic week, if you too feel the need of instant de-stressing treatment, this hack is for you! Fill a bathroom bowl with steamy hot water and add a drop each of lemon, eucalyptus, peppermint and lavender essential oils. Drape a towel over your head and inhale the slow breaths of this super relaxing steam. It would not only de-stress you instantly but would also enhance your body circulation and bless you with a youthful and glowing skin!

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What is your idea of using essential oils? Do shout out in the comments below!

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