10 Eye Shadow Tips For Girls Who Don’t Wear A Lot Of Makeup

Well, for girls who hate doing makeup but had to on special occasions, they somehow manage to wear it. Here are some eye shadow tips for such girls who need to be taught like a layman (feel no shame), because it’s never too late to learn anything. Have a look at a few tips and maybe you will actually end up enjoying this makeup thingy, you hate!

  1. Buy a basic eye shadow color palette

The first step is quite simple. You just need to buy a basic palette with standard colors which are not too bright.

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  1. Eyeshadow before all

eye shadow tips


Should you start with an eyeliner, mascara or eye shadow first? Well, among the three, eye shadow will make up the most of your time. Thus, it is better to start with a clean slate so you don’t have to worry about messing up something that it already there. Moreover, applying mascara and eyeliner after eye shadow will make your eyes look more put together.

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  1. Moisturizer is a saver

Being an amateur in makeup, you will definitely mess up multiple of times before getting it right. So, if you need to wipe off your mess and start over, use a moisturizer instead of makeup remover to clean the space as a moisturizer will help you clean it in one swipe without making it look damper.

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  1. Get a quality brush kit

You can easily get a quality brush kit at reasonable prices at any makeup store. Buy the diversified brushes that can do different things.

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  1. Each brush is shaped to know what to do

Different shapes, different purposes. Each of the brush is differently shaped due to a particular reason. Like the broader and sturdier ones are to be used for lids, the blending brush is used to make everything blend in together. Don’t focus on its sole purpose, use the brush according to what you think is a better fit for the task.

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  1. Perfect a nude look before graduating to bolder looks

eye shadow tips


This is one of the most important eye shadow tips you need to stick to if you are a new comer. First, try out perfecting the basic and neutral looks before going for smokey and bolder looks. Just make yourself an expert in neutral looks that seems like you haven’t done any makeup at all. Once perfection is attained, you are good to climb higher.

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  1. Remember your eye shape

Know your eye shape well before following tutorials. Not all eye shapes follow the same eyeshadow techniques. Following a tutorial that isn’t similar to your eye shape will only make your eyes look worse.

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  1. Blending doesn’t mean smashing everything together

eye shadow tips


Blending is an art. How you work one color into another like a gradient and instead of just layering over is important. The key is to first smooth out the transitions and hard lines before using a different color.

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  1. Perception matters

Everything you do is for a reason. Lighter colors are used to get things to the forefront while darker colors give deeper look. This is the reason why a lighter color is used on lids as on crease. Perception is doing something in a put together way to the extent that it automatically starts looking natural.

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  1. Blend in neutral

Stuck in a dramatic look where you think you have just spoiled the whole of your work? Well, nothing to worry. Just blend in a neutral skin toned over the darker portion to blend in. It will gradually make it look softer.

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