8 Farewell Party Tips Every Introvert Should Read

Are you worried about the farewell party rather than feeling excited? Do the very thought of gathering and parties leave you anxious? Well, attending parties at times is a necessary evil especially when it is a farewell party. But, fret not! We here have got the reliable farewell party tips that would help you in sailing the boat.

  1. Do something other than just staring at your phone

farewell party tips


Yes, we understand your natural instinct. You would just take out your phone and keep staring it, just to avoid people. While this might comfort you at the moment, this is only going to make you more alienated. You should thus join a friend, even if you are just listening to his/her talks, but it is better to involve yourself. Indulge yourself in an activity to avoid feeling anxious.

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  1. Find your favorite place

Look for a place which is not that overwhelmed especially when you are going to stay at the farewell party for long. This is necessary when you don’t want to drain your energy and feel withered. Stay away from secret areas and chill spots that attract a lot of people in order to save your life.

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  1. Wear something of your choice to feel confident

It might sound a bit weird to you, but believe us, wearing something of your choice and something in which you feel comfortable would surely boost your confidence levels. The bottom line here is to wear things you like. If you are not good at wearing heels, it is better to avoid them as this will surely make you feel uncomfortable and you would want to go home earlier and change to sweatpants.

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  1. Get involved in the party

Well, yes, this might work for you. If your school/college allows you to anchor the program or alternatively give a speech or dance, just shed your worries and get involved in such activities. If getting social is not your cup of tea, this can be a simple way to keep yourself involved throughout the party without feeling irksome.

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  1. Don’t pressurize yourself to be someone you are not

farewell party tips


Don’t force yourself to talk with every friend and get involved with all classmates throughout. Well, undoubtedly, you are getting isolated from all your fellows and classmates, but that doesn’t mean you need to talk with all of them. You have your own sentiments and mixed feelings too, but it is your way of dealing with things, and you need not change yourself for that.

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  1. Give 15 minutes to turn around

You never know! A farewell party can suddenly redeem itself and engage you! Whenever you are feeling that it has been too much and you cannot tolerate more, just give 15-20 minutes, roam around, and see if you find something interesting. It might be that you soon find something interesting – your crush waves you hi, or your old friend with whom you didn’t talk for months now approaches you and the likes!

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  1. Visit your alma mater

Spend some time in visiting your alma mater. Click pictures as who knows, when you will be visiting tit again. Make some good memories and revisit your already spent moments.

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  1. If you’re totally drained out, just leave


farewell party tips


After giving a turn time, if you still feel that it is not working out, just leave. There is nothing to hate yourself because you want to leave early and your all friends are enjoying. Don’t give second thoughts to people who are calling you lame, you know what’s good for you better than them.

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