Stop Doing These 7 Things To Flaunt a Clear Skin

Clear skin is what every girl desires to flaunt. And in the event, we absent-mindedly involve ourselves in a range of activities that might not be doing enough good to us and instead are harming us! Your dermatologist asked you to wear sunscreen before you step out in the sun, and so, while coming from the office, you unknowingly applied it without washing your hands! Results – breakout!

  1. Get your fingers off your face

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Do you often rest your chin on your palm? Or pick your pimple or keep touching here and there unknowingly? Just don’t! That’s one of the major reasons you get acne so frequently, simply because, bacteria from your hands are transferred to your face every time you touch it, and curse you with breakouts. In order to flaunt a clear skin, stop touching your face, and even worst, if you already have acne, touching them can spread the bacteria to other parts of the face too, thus giving you breakouts in the areas you don’t usually get them!

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  1. Washing your face too often

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You might be advised to wash face often and so you started doing 5 times a day and that too with a harsh cleanser. Over-washing your face strips essential oils from your face, making it dry, and further also makes your skin acne prone. It is thus advised to wash your face 2-3 times a day with a mild cleanser, say Cetaphil.

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  1. Rinsing your face in hurry

You wash your face quite often and don’t rinse out the cleanser thoroughly! The residues of cleanser lead to breakouts and thus having a dream of clear skin is shattered like glass! It is highly recommended to wash your face the right way thoroughly such that there are no leftover traces of cleanser.

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  1. Wiping your face with hand towel

It is highly recommended to keep your hand towel and face towel separate. Make sure that you are washing your face towel daily or else it will serve as another source of bacteria and would give you breakouts.

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  1. Not cleaning your mobile

You carry your mobile wherever you go, and thus they are the biggest source of germs which easily get transferred to your face every time you have those long conversations. Preventing this is easy. Wipe your phone daily with cell phone wipes to maintain hygiene.

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  1. Applying too much acne cream

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Yes, I know, you hate that recently popped up zit and want to get rid of it quickly to attend that weekend party and so you applied an entire tube on acne. Sounds rational, right? As if more quantity would heal it quickly? No! Instead, it would work opposite and would seriously dry out your skin. It is thus highly recommended to apply just a reasonable amount of acne cream.

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  1. Over-exfoliating

You read somewhere that exfoliation is good for your skin and prevents breakouts. So you decided to do it five times a week without paying attention to the fact that over-exfoliation can lead to redness, irritate your skin and can make your skin acne prone. Restrict your exfoliation schedule to maximum three times a week and that too with mild exfoliant.

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