7 Super Foods You Should Stick To Look At Your Best On Your Wedding

In order to fit into that perfect wedding lehenga, you would have to work in the right direction. In spite of waking up on your wedding day and spoiling your mood, it is only wise to start preparing to get that perfectly toned body from day 1. No? Stick to these foods to look best on your wedding!

1. Cucumbers

foods to look best on your wedding

No, they are not only good to treat your dark circles but also help your skin to fight against blemishes. Their cooling property soothes the skin and provides it with moisture and vitamins. Don’t just include cucumbers in your beauty regime by putting them on your eyes, instead, consume them. Further, they are fibre rich, and will ensure that you are full for long, thus helping you to get in shape.

2. Red peppers

foods to look best on your wedding

Include red peppers in your daily salad as they are the storehouse of vitamin C. They have more protein than orange and thus help you heal your damaged skin. Consume them raw to fetch the most out of them.

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3. Carrots

foods to look best on your wedding

Carrots are loaded with vitamin A which helps you fight aging! They not only provide you the much-needed glow but also heal your skin against sun damage. Unlike red peppers, don’t grab them raw. They serve the purpose best when they are lightly cooked. Consume these by adding them to dal, soups, salads and omelettes.

You can make your own detox snack for the evening by dipping cucumber, carrot and red pepper in low-fat yoghurt.

4. Almonds

foods to look best on your wedding

Include almonds in your daily schedule as they are a great source of calories and fatty acids – which are good for your hair and skin. However, grab no more than 5 per day. Gaining weight just before the marriage would be the least you would expect.

5. Juicy fruits

foods to look best on your wedding

Say hello to juicy fruits to look best on your wedding. Eat juicy fruits like berries, oranges, grapes, watermelons – whatever might be available. Their antioxidant properties refresh your skin and provide you the glow you are after.

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6. Look for protein

foods to look best on your wedding

Proteins are necessary for adding shine to your hair and to tighten your skin. And what could be the better source of protein than egg white? Consume 3-5 egg whites per day.

Moong dal is another great source of protein which is also light on your stomach. Stick to easy to digest food for a few days. Consume non-vegetarian proteins just three times a week. For all those hardcore non-vegetarians who cannot live without meat, go for skinless chicken and fish.

7. Fats are essential too!

Maintain a safe distance with fats but don’t go totally fat-free as you’ll end up having a dull and dry complexion. Consuming nuts and olive oil is the best way.

Make sure that you are drinking enough water round the day. Check your urine for this. If it is yellow in color, you need to drink more. Water not only hydrates your body but also detoxifies and cleanses it.

Picture Credits: Pixabay.com