7 Shoes Every College Girl Needs Her In Closet

Give a girl the right pair of shoes, and she will conquer the world.

– Marilyn Monroe

Agree? Well, this is perhaps why we often think twice before pairing a dress with a footwear. But, looking stylish is not just about it. Especially, when it comes to college life, you already are handling too much pressure and have a million tasks to take care of. Choosing right footwear for college should not be one! Fret not. We just got you covered. Here are 7 super trendy, smart and stylish and comfortable shoes that you must own!

  1. Cute sneakers

footwear for college

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From running hastily when you’re late for your class to participating in college competitions, sneakers are the best and the most appropriate kinds of footwear which every college girl must have in her shoe collection. If you are planning to buy a new pair of sneakers, we would highly suggest you buy a pair of white sneakers which would literally go with all your outfits. And the best part – they look super glam and chic too!

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  1. Pretty platforms

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If you are a shortie and do not have good tuning with heels, or want to jazz up your look, platforms are what you need to look upon. May it be the platform shoes or the platform slip-ons; they are perfect for your rough-tough college life.

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  1. Mystic mules


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Already late for college? Don’t give a second thought and pick up your pair of mules instantly! Simply slip your feet into them and that’s it! You are ready to turn the heads, girl.

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  1. Strappy flats

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You won’t generally go for the loud pom-pom gladiators and boots in your day to day college life until and unless you have a grand event there. In such cases, the strappy flats are always a great pick. They look stylish and are also ultra-comfy and are a perfect companion for your denim and the tee shirt look.

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  1. Chic flats

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This is a no-brainer. Flats are the right footwear for college. This is why you must own at least two pairs of flats. They can go with almost all outfits, are easy to handle, and look super-chic too, along with being comfortable. The pretty flats with cute designs like a 3D bow or a pout patchwork would be so good for the college look. And the best part of the flats is that they look good with all kinds of outfits.

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  1. Easy espadrilles

footwear for college

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We’re already in love with espadrilles because they look perfect with all kinds of outfits including Indian, western, fusion, boho and others. You don’t have to tie the laces and handle the hassles. Just slip your foot inside, and you are good to go!

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  1. Beautiful ballerinas


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The reason why we love ballerinas is their ability to complement your salwar suits, stylize your midi dresses, and match your jeans –Tshirt combo! They might sound like old-school but can add much-needed zing to your look instantly.

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