7 Signs That Your Friend Is No More Interested in You

Move on! If she is no more interested in keeping up with you, just move on… silently! Sometimes it is mutual when you both have different interests or are getting busy in different things, it happens unknowingly mutually. But sometimes, it is one-sided when one of your friends suddenly start ignoring you, ditching you. Just be prepared if you sense any of the mentioned signs.

  1. They are no more answering your texts instantly



So, today when we all are so much into our smartphones, if your friends are not answering your texts, it might be purposely. Yes, not all of your texts are that important to be answered immediately, but if they were instant at answering a few days back but have started ignoring you now, there is definitely something fishy, you see?

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  1. She recently cancelled a plan with you because she was busy but then you found her with other people



Look for this sign; something for sure is tricky here! If you recently made a hangout plan with her and she cancelled it because she was tired or too busy, and then you saw someone else’s check-in with her at Starbucks, you should understand the sign. If she is busy doing something with someone else, that’s fine but do check is she is being too much shady about it.

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  1. She has got a new BFF



So your BFF has got a new BFF and is spending all of her time with her and have ditched her old friends? Well, this happens a lot of times, when our friends – our best friends – find new besties and become obsessed with them so much that they completely blow off their old friends.

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  1. You are not into their life as much as you used to be

So she and her cousins are preparing for your cousin brother’s marriage? Oh wait, her grandparents are going for a world tour? You knew everything that was going in her life, let me correct, you were an integral part of it. But, this has completely changed now. You no more have an idea what she is up to and what is going on in her life. Well, this is a sign that she might be ditching you.

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  1. You are suddenly dropped off of party plans



Last weekend they had a big party and didn’t even mention it to you, or wait, they wanted to, but then missed it somehow? Once in a while, this might actually be the case but if that starts happening to you every now and then, you are intelligent enough to understand the pattern.

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  1. They make plans just to cancel



She might be hesitant to say no at once when you approach her for a hangout. You’ll get ready and all set only to know that she is no more coming. Stop making plans with her, let her approach you, and see if that works.

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  1. They have changed routines, all of a sudden!

So you gals always have lunch at the lawn, right? She is nowhere to be seen there! Oh, she is there in front of science building with her new friend. And so you thought of meeting her the next day there. But, then again the next day she is not there. It is not just about a change of routines at the end moment, a simple text by her could have worked if she wanted to.

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