7 Texts That Prove Besties Come Before Boyfriends

No matter what, if you have got bestie behind your back, it is sure you both are going to rock. right? From taking care of you to adopting you fully, she is the one who loves you unconditionally. From texting her poop emojis at 4 am to discussing your family matters – she has lived it with you all. And this is the reason, why besties come before boyfriends. Let’s have a quick look a few funny bestfriend texts we don’t think twice before sending to our bestie.

  1. When you are just too open with her

funny bestfriend textsFrom discussing your best poop to your period cramps, you know she is not going to judge you anytime!

  1. When you have pre-planned plans

Because, how will you manage the tough college alone if she doesn’t show up?

  1. Because two wardrobes are better than one

funny bestfriend textsAnd you have tried every single outfit of her.

  1. When you can’t stop yourself from appreciating how hot she looks

funny bestfriend textsBut you want to be the first one to receive all latest updates

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  1. When you’ve love at the first sight

funny bestfriend textsAnd you know, it could only get better if she was here with you!

  1. Because no convo is complete without bitching about someone

funny bestfriend textsPerhaps because, you know, you won’t be judged.

  1. When you look upon her for every single thing

funny bestfriend textsAnd she won’t disappoint you too!

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Featured Image: Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani

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