Do You Get Period Blood Clots And Are They Bad? Find Out!

If you have been having periods since long, you must be already aware of period blood clots. However, if you have not spotted them yet – lucky you!

To sum up, period blood clots are thick and jelly-like red blobs of blood, that often make their way on tampons or pads especially during heavier flows. If you have period clots, it is natural to freak out. But don’t worry; they might not be as abnormal as you are thinking.

What exactly are period blood clots?

period blood clots


Period clots or the blood clots are the normal blobs of blood which are expelled out of your body during your periods or the menstruation cycle. The size of the clots depends on the blood flow of different women. If the blood loss is slow, then the blood is dark and scanty with fewer blood clots.

And if the blood flow is more, then the clots of the blood are even higher. But the good news is that the blood clots during the period are extremely normal and you do not have to worry about them at all. In the entire menstrual cycle of every woman, there is a higher chance that you will pass through a stage when you will experience the blood clots. The most probable reason for the period clots is the heavier flow. If the uterine lining of the woman is thick, then the blood flow is heavy and the period clots are more.

Well, there is nothing much to worry about the blood clots. You cannot prevent or stop them but you can use some great hygienic products which can absorb more blood and help you stay fresh and at ease.

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Reasons you might be getting blood clots during the period

  1. Heavy flow

period blood clots


The flow and the menstrual cycle of every woman are totally different. So, if you have a heavy flow, then chances are high that you will get the blood clots. And it is totally normal.

  1. Uterus lining

If your uterus lining is thick, then also there are higher chances that you can experience heavy blood clots during the period.

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  1. Irregular periods

Irregular periods can also be a reason why you might face heavy blood clotting.

However, at times period clots might also be a result of fluctuations in your hormones or can be a side effect of your birth control pill. They at times might also indicate fibroids. If you experience anything more and serious, then you must consult the gynecologist to stay safe.

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